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[itvt] Presents...TVOT NYC 2015

August 25, 2015 - 10:48pm

[itvt] is pleased to announce that TVOT NYC 2015, our sixth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) event, will take place Thursday, December 3rd at New York's famous SVA Theatre (333 W. 23rd Street).    TVOT NYC packs all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show (spring 2016, San Francisco), now in its tenth year, into a highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day "intensive." The show--which is carefully designed to encourage networking and deal-making--enables the pay-TV operators, consumer electronics manufacturers, social media companies, entrepreneurs and technologists who are building the TV platforms of tomorrow to engage in a productive exchange of ideas with the brands, broadcasters, networks, agencies, marketers, investors, producers, developers, designers, storytellers, social-video creatives, and other stakeholders upon whom the success of those platforms depends.    TVOT NYC consistently attracts a veritable "who's who" of the interactive-TV, pay-TV, advertising, broadcasting/programming, data/measurement, and social-video industries, and has been widely praised for offering a uniquely inspiring, rewarding and enjoyable experience, unlike any other tradeshow or conference. Moreover, over the past few years, TVOT SF and TVOT NYC have become the events of choice for established TV players to meet and network with the creative and business communities that have emerged on YouTube, Vine, Periscope, Twitch and other social-video platforms to address the rapidly evolving viewing habits and programming preferences of Millennial and Plurals.   As the end-of-year event-of-record for the advanced-TV/video industry, TVOT NYC 2015 will also provide attendees with their last, best opportunity to fully understand the significance of the many industry developments that have taken place in 2015, and to hone their strategic grasp of the key issues that will be shaping the industry in the New Year.   Web Site Follow on Twitter@tvotshow or @tswedlow

  • To find out more about discounted early-bird REGISTRATION (40% off if you purchase your tickets by September 10th!), click here
  • To find out more about SPONSORSHIP and EXHIBITION opportunities, contact us at or 415-824-5806. Please note that we are very happy to work with your marketing department to develop creative, custom sponsorship packages that are specifically tailored to your company's communications needs.
  • To find out more about holding a WORKSHOP/MASTER CLASS session at the show, where you can showcase your company's solutions and services--or its vision for the television of tomorrow--contact us at or 415-824-5806
  • To find out more about SPEAKING opportunities, contact us at or 415-824-5806
  • To view TESTIMONIALS from sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees about our two most recent TV of Tomorrow Show events (TVOT SF 2015, June 23rd-24th; and TVOT NYC 2014, December 9th), click here
  • For a video overview of TVOT NYC 2014, click here
  • For a gallery of photos from TVOT SF 2015, click here
  • For a gallery of photos from TVOT NYC 2014, click here
  • To explore the TV of Tomorrow Show Web siteclick here
  • To discuss TVOT NYC 2015, or to give us feedback and suggestions (including new technologies you would like to see showcased, topics you would like to see discussed, and creative ideas for how your company can sponsor the show), email us at
    A DIFFERENT KIND OF EVENT...   While [itvt]'s TV of Tomorrow Show events feature an exhibit hall, keynotes and panel sessions, that's where their similarity to other industry conferences and tradeshows ends:  
  • They are the only industry events to focus on the production, delivery, user experience and business of interactive and advanced TV across multiple platforms and media (e.g. pay-TV, smart TV, tablets, smartphones, OTT, social networks, VOD, game consoles, programming, advertising, tcommerce, transmedia "storyworlds," VR, wearables, social broadcasting, etc.)
  • Ensuring that attendees are able to meet and schmooze with the right people is a primary focus of the events. One of our principal goals is to introduce to one another people and companies with complementary visions and solutions.
  • The events are not "pay-for-play": speakers are selected for their expertise alone, not because they, or the company they represent, have paid a speaker's fee.
  • The events' panel sessions are developed through an ongoing dialog with the readership of the [itvt] newsletter, allowing us to ensure that they are topical, timely and accurately reflect the interests and concerns of the industry.
  • The panel sessions are highly interactive, with debates, open mics, polls and other features designed to promote discussion.
  • The events also offer in-depth Workshop/Master Class sessions, where smaller groups of participants have the opportunity to dialog with leading industry experts and explore new technologies, platforms and media in a more focused and hands-on way.
  • The events feature innovative staging, designed to facilitate debate and communication between panelists and interaction with attendees.
  • The events are designed to promote cross-pollination between the interactive/multiplatform TV community and other creative communities, such as artists, performers, fashion designers, interactive storytellers, independent filmmakers, YouTube creators, live social broadcasters, and more.
  • Finally, the events are designed to be fun. They feature entertainments, challenges, contests, and a range of other social activities.
    THREE INTENSIVE TRACKS   TVOT NYC 2015 will be broadly organized into three tracks, featuring over 100 industry-expert speakers and panelists:  
  • A Today Track will focus on the hard data that can be gleaned--and the lessons that can be learned--from the many deployments of interactive, social and advanced TV that are already in the field today. Representatives from the operators, technology providers, CE manufacturers, broadcasters, networks, advertising agencies, brands, OTT programmers, social media companies, MCN's, UI/UX designers, application developers and other players that are currently implementing interactive and multiplatform television in the US and beyond will present examples of their work, and provide attendees with new deployment statistics, reports from the field, best practices and other insider insights.
  • A Tomorrow Track will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore how the various platforms, technologies, screens, standards, content genres and business models that make up today's interactive/social/advanced TV space are likely to evolve over the coming months and years, and to identify new platforms, new technologies, new forms of programming, new monetization strategies, and other developments that are likely to impact the space in the future. Highly interactive, dialog-driven sessions will enable attendees not only to hear from the companies, organizations and people that are shaping the future of interactive/multiplatform/social/advanced TV, but to question those experts and provide them with feedback on their efforts.
  • A Workshop/Master Class Track will provide smaller groups of attendees with a more intimate and hands-on environment in which to: 1) see and learn about promising new advanced TV technologies, standards and business strategies; 2) get their questions and concerns answered by subject matter experts; and 3) gain practical skills for implementing new TV experiences.
  In addition to these three tracks, the event will feature:
  • Vendor booths and demos.
  • A vibrant cocktail party where attendees will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with many of the most influential figures shaping tomorrow's television.
  • Gourmet catering.
  • Live judging of the finalists of [itvt]'s annual Design Awards.
        TICKETS   TVOT NYC 2015 is a limited-attendance event, so we strongly encourage you to register early. To purchase your tickets, click here.
  • Tickets are currently available at the special super-early-bird rate of $675. From September 10th through September 30th, they will be priced at $775; from October 1st through October 31st, they will be priced at $875; and from November 1st through December 3rd, they will be priced at $1,075.
  • A special package that includes both a ticket to TVOT NYC Intensive and a ticket to the TV of Tomorrow Show 2016 in San Francisco is also available (representing a savings of up to $600 on the full ticket price of both shows). To purchase this special two-event package, click here.
  • To find out about special group rates (three or more), as well as special rates for industry analysts, PR professionals, students and other qualified parties, contact Tracy Swedlow at or (415) 824-5806. 
        SPEAKERS   We are still accepting speaker/panelist proposals, and welcome your suggestions for topics you would like to see covered on the event's schedule. Uniquely among tradeshows, TVOT and TVOT NYC feature an agenda that is developed through ongoing dialog with the industry. Please contact Tracy Swedlow, at or 415-824-5806, to discuss your proposal. Also, please note that [itvt] is not a pay-for-play organization and that speakers do not have to pay any fee to participate in our TVOT events.    

SPONSORS   TVOT NYC 2015 offers several different sponsorship levels, each designed to ensure maximum marketing exposure for your company--at the event itself, in the [itvt] newsletter and on our Web site, and in our talk radio show. As a sponsor, you also have such options as:  
  • organizing a Workshop/Master Class on your company's solutions or on an industry topic of importance to your company;
  • taking advantage of the SVA Theatre's advanced audio-visual capabilities to showcase your company's work on the show's main stages;
  • having your company's logo and branding projected as an integral part of the show's set design;
  • having your company's TVOT NYC party or special event promoted to the show's attendees and the [itvt] readership at large.
  Moreover, we are very open to working with your marketing department to devise creative, custom sponsorship packages that are tailored to your company's specific communications needs.   If you would like to find out more about sponsoring TVOT NYC 2015, email us at or call 415-824-5806.         EXHIBITORS   TVOT NYC 2015's exhibitor showcase will be located in an area that is highly trafficked by the event's attendees. However, exhibit space is limited and we are assigning it on a first-come-first-served basis. So to guarantee that your company will have a booth at the show, please contact us as soon as possible at or 415-824-5806.         ISSUES IN FOCUS     The [itvt] editorial team develops the agenda for our TV of Tomorrow Show events through an extensive dialoguing process with the readership of the [itvt] newsletter (which includes many key industry players), in order to ensure that each show covers all the issues that are currently of most pressing importance to the industry. As a result, we typically announce the agenda just a few weeks before each show. However, some of the issues that we expect to explore at TVOT NYC 2015 include:  
  • Reports from the field: How recent deployments of "TV Everywhere," virtual MVPD/"skinny-bundle" services, unbundled, direct-to-consumer OTT programming offerings, interactive-TV/video programming and advertising, dynamic and addressable VOD advertising, tcommerce, programmatic ad-buying, social TV, second-screen companion experiences, smart-TV applications, TV time- and place-shifting, programming-discovery technology, viewing-data and analytics services, transmedia storytelling, and other advanced-TV offerings are faring in the real world; and what the success or otherwise of these deployments tells us about the business models for the TV of tomorrow. Which advanced-TV platforms and services are attracting audiences and generating revenues today and how?   
  • The impact of "TV Everywhere" on viewing habits, audience measurement, advertising strategies, network and pay-TV business models and more; and how best to improve content discoverability and personalization, subscriber-authentication, and other elements of the TVE user experience in order to foster the medium's continued growth.
  • The emergence of "virtual MVPD's/MSO's" and unbundled programming services that are seeking to take advantage of TV delivery over-the-top (OTT); and the implications of this phenomenon for traditional TV content providers, operators, marketers and advertisers, as well as for Multi-Channel Networks (MCN's) and other emerging players.
  • The implications of the increasing importance of subscription as a monetization model for OTT TV.
  • The potential of tcommerce--whether on pay-TV systems, smart TV's, second-screen devices or social-media platforms--to revolutionize the economics of television and advertising.
  • The ongoing challenges involved in accurately measuring and understanding TV viewership on non-traditional platforms; and how audience measurement is being reinvented in order to take into account the growth of cross-platform viewing, time- and place-shifting, and other ongoing changes in viewer behavior.
  • The increasingly important role "Big Data" is playing in the television and advertising industries: the new forms of data that are being generated by interactive, connected and social TV, and how brands and agencies can take advantage of these data to make their campaigns more targeted, more accountable and thus more effective.
  • The emergence of Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow, Twitch and other social-broadcasting services as platforms for programming, marketing and advertising.
  • Understanding the respective roles now being played by Twitter and Facebook in the television and advertising spaces--what are those companies' TV goals, how likely are they to achieve them, and what do other social-TV companies need to do in order to survive and thrive alongside such powerful players?
  • Understanding the possible impact that other social media platforms, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit and LinkedIn, could have on the television space.
  • The implications for YouTube and other players of Facebook's increasing importance as a video platform.
  • Where is second-screen interactivity/social TV succeeding and where has it fallen short? What forms of programming and advertising are best complemented via interactivity on the second screen?
  • The implications of the incorporation of ACR and other "intelligent" technologies into smart TV's--and the increasing role of intelligence in the TV ecosystem in general: What kinds of opportunities does truly smart television make possible?
  • Best practices for developing, producing, distributing, promoting and monetizing interactive TV content.  
  • The potential impact of Vine, Instagram Video and other "micro-video" platforms on programming and advertising.
  • Questions of intellectual property rights, including new issues raised by multiplatform TV distribution, by the revitalization of longtail programming content, and by the emergence of related content as part of the television experience.
  • Recent and pending developments in interactive and advanced TV standards, and how these standards need to evolve going forward.
  • US cable's Reference Design Kit (RDK) and its implications for the global pay-TV industry.
  • The significance of HTML5 and the Cloud for the television space.
  • How questions of content discovery, navigation and personalization have become central to television's future
  • The growing importance of metadata and related content to the TV experience.
  • The emergence of smart-TV advertising and commerce.
  • The emergence of social-TV advertising and commerce.
  • The evolving regulatory environment--including the implications of the FCC's new Net Neutrality proposal for MSO's, broadband SVOD providers, virtual MVPD's, and other stakeholders.
  • The emergence of personalized video experiences that draw on the viewer's social graph.
  • What the TV industry can learn from interactive online video advertising and commerce.
  • The emergence of the app--whether on connected-TV or second-screen platforms, or across both simultaneously--as the gateway to the television experience: is our conception of the app still beholden to the PC/desktop model, and, if so, what would be a truly television-centered conception of the app?
  • The emergence of virtual reality (VR) as a platform for storytelling and news reporting.
  • The extent to which the "cord-cutting" phenomenon presents an existential threat to the pay-TV industry; and the extent to which new developments in pay-TV, such as "TV Everywhere," virtual MVPD services, and dynamic ad insertion for VOD will help operators defend against the threats it poses.
  • The future of TV design: How to ensure that usability and high-quality design become a core element of the advanced-TV user experience, and not just an afterthought; strategies for designing consistent, cross-screen and cross-platform interactive video experiences; making the business case for good design; the complex and evolving relationship between design, data and content discovery/navigation; and the impact of new technologies such as 4K UHD on TV user interface design.
  • The emergence of natural user interfaces, including gesture- and voice-controlled interfaces, interfaces powered by facial recognition, and more.
  • Understanding international advanced-TV markets: opportunities and risks in Europe, Asia, Latin America and beyond.
  • The role of local broadcasters in television's rapidly changing ecosystem.
  • The emergence of brands as providers of advanced-TV experiences in their own right.
  • The on-air incorporation of social media into sportscasts, news shows and other forms of live programming, and the impact of this phenomenon on the content and monetization of television.
  • The emergence of new forms of cross-platform storytelling ("transmedia")--how will transmedia find a mass audience, and how will it be monetized?
  • The centrality of sports as a driver of television innovation--and as a firewall against cord-cutting.
  • Connected-TV app stores, over-the-top delivery of live and on-demand programming, hybrid pay-TV/OTT offerings, "cable-as-an-app," retransmission disputes, and more: The rapidly evolving inter-relationships between the pay-TV, consumer electronics and programming/content industries.
  • The current state of investment in the interactive/advanced TV space. How are new investment trends, such as crowdfunding and accelerators, impacting the industry?
  • The latest tools for creating, delivering and testing interactive and multiplatform television.
  • The real world as platform: The emergence of 360-degree immersive interactive TV experiences that subvert traditional notions of the screen.
  • The impact of video streaming on the Internet infrastructure; the significance of such issues as Net Neutrality, bandwidth caps and interconnection deals for the broadband video industry; and emerging standards and technologies for enabling high-quality streaming in low-bandwidth environments.   
  • The diversification of the cable business: How will the emergence of new cable offerings such as smart home services (e.g., broadband-based monitoring and security and automation) impact the cable industry going forward?
  • The increasingly importance of fan communities in the development, promotion and monetization of programming.
  • The evolving relationship between YouTube and its creators, the significance of the recent spate of acquisitions of YouTube MCN's by big media companies, and the prospects for the ongoing attempts of the MCN's to reduce their reliance on YouTube and embrace new platforms.
  • Wearable technology, cinematic virtual reality, augmented reality, near field communication, artificial intelligence, and more: Identifying the emerging technologies and media that could impact the television/video space going forward.
  • The relationship between smart TV and the second screen.
  • New technologies for collaborative editing of mobile video and their potential impact on the programming and advertising spaces.
  • The significance of the VOD "Binge-Viewing" phenomenon--its potential impact on advertising strategies, programming promotion and even programming formats themselves.
  • Cable without TV? Assessing the implications of Cablevision CEO, James Dolan's, prediction that "there could come a day" when cable eschews television in favor of broadband.
  • Mega-mergers, new automated/programmatic media-buying platforms and more: recent developments in the advertising industry and their impact on the television space.
  • Television's role in the "Internet of Things."
  • The significance of the 2016 election for the television and advertising industries.
  • How best to conceptualize the oft-promised "gamification" of TV.   
  • How to reconceptualize advertising campaigns so that they reach viewers whose attention is dispersed across multiple screens.
  • Understanding the emerging viewing habits and evolving programming preferences of Millennials and Plurals ("Generations Y and Z").
  • How to identify, manage and monetize the new social-video talent that appeals to Millennials and Plurals.
        WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE TV OF TOMORROW SHOW and TVOT NYC   "TVOT was my favorite conference of 2015...The size and scale of the event were just right and the speakers and panels were spot on for my business. I came home with lots of qualified leads. I would highly recommend attending."  -- Stuart Schwartzapfel, CSO,   "You truly put together the best group of people! I always meet a couple of fascinating folks." -- Sherry Brennan, SVP of Distribution Strategy and Development, Fox Networks   "I was most impressed with the quality of the conference. The stage set, art exhibit, audience quality and planning were amazing. Fantastic job." -- Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association   "Well done Tracy: another great event filled with innovative ideas and great people!  Appreciate being a part of it." -- Adam Lowy, General Manager of Advanced TV, DISH Network and Sling TV   "Fabulous job with the show again this year!" -- Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director, CIMM   "I wanted to personally let you know how much I was looking forward to participating in TVOT. I truly find your conferences to be the most interesting and thought provoking out there. Not only do I appreciate the opportunity to share my views on a panel, I love attending the event overall."  -- Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Content and Media Sales, TiVo   "I'm so glad the party was such a hit! We had a great time ourselves, and it stayed packed all night! That is always a great sign!" -- Executive from TVOT Sponsor, Rentrak   "Really beyond impressed." -- Robert Marking, SVP of Sales and Business Development, Reed MIDEM (Produces MIPTV)   "Loved everything." -- Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital, Bravo and Oxygen Media   "It was cool." -- Mystery Guitar Man (a.k.a. Joe Penna), Big Frame & AwesomenessTV   "Just wanted to thank you again for organizing the conference and letting me participate. I really thought it was one of the best shows I have been too. The content was great." -- Carol Davidsen, VP of Political Technology, Rentrak   "Serious kudos to you on the agenda." -- Jonathan Dakss, VP of Emerging Media Technology, NBC Universal   "Congratulations on an amazing event and day!" -- Adnaan Wasey, Executive Producer, POV Digital   "Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the show! Great agenda and venue with lots of good discussion. Thanks for including me!" -- Adam Ware, Head of Digital Media, Tennis Channel   "Thanks for hosting a great event!" -- Sally Hubbard, Vice President, Senior Antitrust Correspondent, The Capitol Forum   "It was a great show yesterday. Thank you for organizing." -- Rehor Vykoupil, CEO, Mautilus, Czech Republic   "We were thrilled to be the Premier sponsor at TVOT. The caliber of the content and the attendees was spectacular, so we're looking forward to future events too. Our team made some great connections…We had a good amount of press…And the conversations were top quality. Fantastic event!" – Executive from TVOT Premier Sponsor, Adobe    "What a great show! Thanks so much for including us." – Sharan Sklar, Head of Business Development, Independent Television Service (ITVS)   "We enjoyed being a part of TVOT in New York and are looking forward to continuing our involvement at the show in San Francisco." -- Nikos Iatropoulos, CEO, Lingospot   "Thanks again for pulling together a great event! I am looking forward to next summer's!" -- Chris Falkner, VP of Advanced Advertising, NBCUniversal    "Thanks for another great conference! You always do an incredible job and I appreciate being a part of the experience." -- Stephanie Otto, CEO, Brainstorm Communications   "I greatly enjoyed the TVOT conference in SF. I found it inspiring and met some great people." -- Fabian Birgfeld, Founder and Director, W12 Studios   "It’s been the best TVOT I ever attended! Thx for setting up this great event." – Olivier LaCour, Senior Director of Design, Cisco   "Tracy, a huge thanks for a brilliant TVOT event, and for that much-coveted speaking opportunity--hugely appreciated." -- Anthony Rose, Co-Founder,  beamly    "I loved your event! Some of the best presentation and discussion I have experienced in a while. Congratulations!!!" -- Ken Venturi, Chief Creative Officer, National Cinemedia   “Thank you Tracy for providing such a wonderful forum for us and this great industry." -- Peter Low, President and CEO, Ensequence   "Just wanted to send you a note to congratulate you on an excellent TVOT conference. As well as having a fantastic opportunity to speak alongside such an expert panel, I learned so much at the event. The tone was just right, the city and people were fantastic and the organizers were so friendly and helpful…Thanks so much for having me at your wonderful conference!" – Claire McHugh, CEO, Axonista   "Really enjoyed the show; think it was a roaring success. Thanks for the opportunity on the panel; met some great people." -- Eoin Dowling, CEO, Boxfish   "This year's event was the best so far. Once again, you've managed to gather the key players in the field to discuss innovations in content and technology, challenge each other, and tell great anecdotes about working in interactive television." -- Kendall Doty, Global Vice President, Digital at Saban Brands   "Thank you for inviting me to participate in TV of Tomorrow. It was really a fantastic experience all around and very different from the conferences I've attended in the past, in the best way possible. I enjoyed learning about aspects of the business that I normally don't have contact with (but clearly should) and I found the range of topics and discussions was excellent. I'm still thinking about Nathan Shedroff's amazing presentation, one of the best I've seen in years. I hope I was able to contribute as much as I took away." -- Mike Monello, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Campfire   "I had a great time!" -- Yoni Bloch, Founder and CEO, Interlude   "It was a great show today. A very impressive line up. I was only disappointed because there were a few sessions that overlapped that I wanted to attend. Since cloning is still illegal, I had to miss a few." -- Jeffrey Silverman, CEO, Laconia Ventures    "Thanks again for inviting us to take part in this fantastically organized and overall awesome event." -- Ofer Weintraub, CTO, Viacess-Orca   "Great show!" -- Debbie Fitzgerald, Principal Architect, CableLabs   "It was a GREAT conference Tracy. What most impressed me was the diversity of the participants...You have brought together the entire value chain in one spot--which is very, very cool." -- Duane Varan, Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the Disney Media & Advertising Lab, and Professor and Executive Director of the Audience Research Labs at Murdoch University    "As you know, I've been coming to the TVOT conference from the very beginning and I must say that somehow you and your team are able to make it a better and better experience with each successive year. It is always so jam-packed with vital, state-of-the-industry information that there is no other show like it. You consistently attract top industry players and put together powerful presentations and creative panel discussions. No one should miss it...I know I won't. Thank you, again, and keep up the great work!" -- Michael Johnson, CEO/Executive Producer, EPICo and Industrial Strength Television, Inc.   "Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your conference again this year. I really like the risks you take with content and format--and, you're successful doing so. I met some fascinating people." -- Nathan Shedroff, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts   "Rovi was very pleased to be involved with the NYC TVOT. Our team was very happy with the show, your staff was wonderful. We look forward to working with you again." – Executive from Sponsor, Rovi Corp.   "Really great job pulling together a conference that allowed an open discussion of many of the opportunities and challenges for our future." -- Robert Dandrea, Distinguished Engineer, National Engineering and Technical Operations, Comcast        

Video: "The Agency Perspective": TVOT 2015 Fireside with Starcom MediaVest's Dan Bruinsma and Canoe's Chris Pizzurro

August 23, 2015 - 9:48pm

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of a TVOT 2015 fireside session featuring Dan Bruinsma, SVP, Director/Mobile COE Lead at Starcom MediaVest, and Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing at Canoe. The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"Starcom MediaVest's Dan Bruinsma is responsible for tactical planning and buying of all lines of business for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Merrill Edge and US Trust. He also oversees the Deliver discipline for Starcom's Bank of America account, which uses business context, strategic principles, target insights, experience platforms and suggested media allocations to bring ideas to life in market. In addition, he heads Starcom's Mobile Center of Excellence, where he leads a team focused on building training programs, publishing best practices for the agency, and consulting across the client roster on a variety of business challenges. In this fireside with Chris Pizzurro, who heads up product, sales and marketing at cable industry-backed advanced-advertising company, Canoe, Bruinsma will discuss his work in advanced-TV advertising at Starcom, addressing such issues as managing video buys across platforms, the agency's forays into interactive video advertising, new opportunities presented by dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for VOD, how he expects TV buying and selling to evolve going forward, and more."

*We will be announcing our next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2015, soon. Click here to purchase your TVOT NYC 2015 tickets at the special Super-Early-Bird rate of $675.

TVOT SF 2015 Presentation by Adobe Digital Index Manager, Joe Martin

August 18, 2015 - 11:22pm

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of a presentation by Joe Martin, Manager of the Adobe Digital Index, at TVOT SF 2015 (June 23rd-24th in San Francisco). The presentation provided a detailed analysis of a number of key trends impacting the television industry, covering topics ranging from TV Everywhere to Live Streaming.

(Note: We will be announcing our next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2015, soon. Click here to purchase your TVOT NYC 2015 tickets at the special Super-Early-Bird rate of $675.)

Photographs from The TV of Tomorrow Show SF 2015

August 17, 2015 - 10:03pm

[itvt] is pleased to present photos from TVOT SF 2015, which took place June 23rd to 24th at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio of San Francisco.

We will be announcing our next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2015, soon. Click here to purchase your TVOT NYC 2015 tickets at the special Super-Early-Bird rate of $675.

Radio [itvt]: Sessions from the Insights Track at TVOT 2015: "Beyond the Hype" and "Meet the Millennials"

July 23, 2015 - 7:09am

Check Out Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow on BlogTalkRadio

[itvt] is pleased to present audio recordings of the two opening sessions of the TVOT 2015 Insights Track: "Beyond the Hype: Insights from the Frontline of TV" and "Meet the Millennials: A Live Panel Discussion with Members of the 'Me' Generation." The Insights Track was organized and moderated by Frank N. Magid Associates. The sessions were described in the TVOT 2015 show brochure as follows:

AUDIO RECORDING (optional link)

Radio [itvt]: Opening Keynote at TVOT 2015

July 6, 2015 - 9:47pm

Check Out Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow on BlogTalkRadio

**(Note: the presentation begins after approximately 20 seconds.)

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT 2015 opening keynote. The keynote was described in the show brochure as follows:

"Drawing on insights gained from Ericsson's unique position at the convergence of telecommunications, the Internet and media, Senior Vice President Pete Thompson will explore the current state of the pay-TV industry and the key technologies that are driving the transformation of TV and media in general. From technological and business innovations to ongoing cultural shifts, Thompson will discuss the bets and changes that broadcasters, operators, content creators and content owners must embrace, in order to survive and thrive in the new era of TV and video."



June 22, 2015 - 12:01am
TVOT 2015 is just one day away. Tickets are currently priced at $1,275--but please note that the price will rise to $1,375 at the door. You can purchase your tickets online, until midnight tonight (Monday), at:  

  Thanks to a partnership with OVEE, we will be streaming the TVOT 2015 Keynotes by Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV, and Albie Hecht, General Manager of HLN. To view the live stream of the TVOT 2015 keynotes--which will begin at 10:30AM Pacific on Tuesday, June 23rd, and which will include social TV features offered by the OVEE platform--go to:               We are pleased to announce the finalists of the 12th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television. The winners will be announced at TVOT 2015, during the Cocktail Party on Tuesday, June 23rd .   The finalists for the Award for "Most Significant Impact" (recognizes the company or organization that has had the most significant impact on the industry as a whole over the past year) are:
  • FreeCast
  • Roku
  The finalists for the Award for "Most Significant Newcomer" (recognizes the company or organization that was the most significant newcomer/breakthrough player of the past year) are:
  • Modi Media
  • Sorenson Media
  The finalists for the Award for "Most Significant Technology, Platform or Product" (recognizes the company or organization that invented the most innovative and disruptive technology, platform or product of the past year) are:
  • 24i Media
  • Connect Live (Telescope)
  • Content@Scale (Starcom MediaVest)
  The finalists for the Award for "Most Significant Content Offering" (recognizes the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive content offering of the past year) are:
  • Bravo and Oxygen: The Singles Project
  • HBO Nordic (Powered by Clearleap)
  • USA Network: Dig Campaign
  The finalists for the Award for "Most Innovative Design or User Interface" (recognizes the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive design/user interface/content-navigation schema of the past year) are:
  • Piksel Mosaic
  • Sony Crackle on Roku
  • TiVo Roamio
  The finalists for the Award for "Achievement in Advanced Advertising" (recognizes the company, organization or individual that did the most to realize the promise of advanced advertising over the past year) are:
  • BrightLine
  • Starcom MediaVest
  • Videology
  The finalists for the two Awards for "Individual Leadership" (recognize an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward) are:
  • Dan Ackerman, AOL
  • Sarah Foss, Imagine Communications
  • Don Loheide, Turner
  • Bill Mobley, FreeCast
  • Richard Neil, Cablevision
  • Anthony Wood, Roku
  The finalists for the "ITV All-Star" Award (recognizes an individual who has a long-term track record of leadership in the interactive television industry, and who is an appropriate candidate for membership in an ITV Hall of Fame) are:
  • John McDevitt, HSN
  • Dewey Reid, CNN
  • Tracey Sheppach, Starcom MediaVest


Preview - TubeMogul Master Class at TVOT 2015: Software Changes Everything...Again: Automating Television Buys with Programmatic TV Technology

June 21, 2015 - 11:47pm
[itvt] is pleased to announce the TVOT 2015 Master Class, "Software Changes Everything...Again: Automating Television Buys with Programmatic TV Technology."   The Master Class--led by Bruce MelloVP of TV and Video Activation at TubeMogul--will take place at 12:40PM on Tuesday, June 23rd (during lunch); and again at 11:10AM on Wednesday, June 24th. It is one of four Master Classes at TVOT 2015 (the others will be presented by Adobe, EPAM and Experian).   Here's a description of the Master Class from the TVOT 2015 Show Brochure:     Software Changes Everything...Again: Automating Television Buys with Programmatic TV Technology   For a growing chorus of brands, data-driven marketing and programmatic buying are delivering quantifiable results in terms of cost savings, reduced complexity, ownership of customer data and, ultimately, brand lift. Yet these benefits are overtly absent on the biggest screens in the house: TV's.    Not only does programmatic TV extend digital performance targeting and reporting insights to television advertising, but it enables holistic planning across every screen and provides brand advertisers more flexibility to shift ad dollars and optimize on reach and frequency, regardless of where a viewer is watching.    With Programmatic TV (PTV), brands and agencies can buy TV ads in a way that has never been possible before today. Join Bruce Mello, TubeMogul's VP of TV and Video Activation, as we usher in this new era of brand advertising; answer questions on the current state of programmatic television; and discuss where we, as an industry, go from here. Questions to be addressed include: What is a useful definition of programmatic TV for brands, agencies, broadcasters and distributors? Who stands to benefit the most from programmatic TV in the near term? How about over the long term? How do current business benefits shape what solutions will be available over the next two years? What are the big barriers to growth in programmatic buying and selling of television and what's being done to address them?     
  • The Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015 can be found here.
  • Purchase your TVOT 2015 tickets here.


TVOT Preview: StoryTech's Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz on VR, Millennials and Plurals at TVOT 2015

June 19, 2015 - 9:09am

Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz are co-founders of StoryTech, an agency dedicated to "informed collaboration between storytellers (including brands) and technology companies."

At TVOT 2015 in San Francisco next week (purchase your tickets here!), Schwartz will be moderating a panel that will explore how established media companies and brands are reinventing programming and advertising in order to reach Millennials and Plurals; while Hurst has organized, and will be moderating, the show's "Grand Finale" panel, "The Reality of Virtual Reality." (Note: Strawberries and champagne will be served during the Grand Finale panel; and StoryTech will be giving away an Oculus Samsung Gear VR via a raffle!)

In this recorded interview with [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Schwartz and Hurst discuss their work at StoryTech, and cast light on the issues they plan to explore in their respective panels.

Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz on Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow  

Here's some more information on Hurst's and Schwartz's panels:

TVOT Preview: Experian Master Class at TVOT 2015: It's Time to Change the Channel: How Audience Data Hubs Will Drive TV to a New Frontier

June 19, 2015 - 8:17am
[itvt] is please to announce the TVOT 2015 Master Class, "It's Time to Change the Channel: How Audience Data Hubs Will Drive TV to a New Frontier."    The Master Class--led by Experian Marketing Services executives, Brienna Pinnow, Brad Danaher and Kevin Heindl--will take place at 12:40PM on Tuesday, June 23rd (during lunch); and again at 12:05PM on Wednesday, June 24th. It is one of four Master Classes at TVOT 2015 (the others will be presented by Adobe, EPAM and TubeMogul).   [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, recently interviewed Brienna Pinnow about the Master Class. An audio recording of the interview can be accessed here: 

Brienna Pinnow of Experian on Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow   Here's a description of the Master Class from the TVOT 2015 Show Brochure:     It's Time to Change the Channel: How Audience Data Hubs Will Drive TV to a New Frontier    TV is facing an evolution: shifting viewing habits, devices everywhere we turn, and an explosion of data. This new era of TV advertising ushers in hot, trending buzzwords like "addressable," "programmatic," "cord cutting" and "audience hubs." This Master Class serves as a guide to not only define current and emerging capabilities in the TV ecosystem, but also provide a lively discussion of how marketers are implementing engaging and measurable audience-fueled TV advertising strategies.    Attend this session if you want to hear first-hand from Experian Marketing Services about the power of addressable TV, real-life success stories, and how brands are using new audience hub platforms to deliver data-fueled campaigns. Session leaders will answer questions such as: What data sources work best for targeting or analytics? Is cross-channel targeting a reality? How successful are addressable campaigns? Can you show me real reports and results? What tools are you using to marry together data I can actually use? And what is the next evolution of addressable TV?    Join us for a look behind the addressable TV curtain and see what industry leaders are doing when it comes to TV targeting, technology and analytics. Session leaders include:   
  • Brad Danaher, Addressable Media Manager, Experian Marketing Services
  • Kevin Heindl, Director of Partner and Advertiser Solutions, Experian Marketing Services
  • Brienna Pinnow, Product Lead, Addressable Advertising, Experian Marketing Services 

Preview - Adobe Master Class at TVOT 2015: Adobe, Pac-12 and Shaw: Research and Discussion

June 17, 2015 - 10:35pm
[itvt] is please to announce the TVOT 2015 Master Class, "Adobe, Pac-12 and Shaw: Research and Discussion."    The Master Class--featuring executives from Adobe, Pac-12 Networks and Shaw Media--will take place at 12:40PM on Tuesday, June 23rd (during lunch); and again at 10:05AM on Wednesday, June 24th. It is one of four Master Classes at TVOT 2015 (the others will be presented by EPAM, Experian and TubeMogul).   Here's a description of the Master Class from the TVOT 2015 Show Brochure:     Adobe Master Class at TVOT 2015: Adobe, Pac-12 and Shaw: Research and Discussion   TV Everywhere, direct-to-consumer, OTT, mobile TV. In this constantly evolving digital landscape, understanding how and where consumers are watching television requires vigilance.    We'll kick-off our Master Class with Joe Martin, Analyst for the Adobe Digital Index, as he unveils new research to help broadcasters, cable networks, content providers and advertisers understand the metrics and trends that will keep them on the cutting edge of streaming and monetization across video, social, advertising and mobile.    Then we'll engage in a candid discussion with Ryan Currier, Head of Digital Products at Pac–12 Networks; Chris Hopkins, Senior Manager of Digital Research and Analytics at Shaw; and Campbell Foster, Director of Marketing at Adobe Primetime, to hear their perspectives on this research, as well as the trends driving their current and future digital video strategies.  
  • The Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015 can be found here.
  • Purchase your TVOT 2015 tickets here.


Preview: EPAM Master Class at TVOT 2015: Beyond "Watch" Apps: Building a Better Audience with Adobe Products

June 17, 2015 - 12:09am
[itvt] is please to announce the TVOT 2015 Master Class, "Beyond 'Watch' Apps: Building a Better Audience with Adobe Products."    The Master Class--led by Martin Focazio, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Consulting at EPAM Systems--will take place at 11:40AM on Tuesday, June 23rd; and again at 9:10AM on Wednesday, June 24th. It is one of four Master Classes at TVOT 2015 (the others, which we will be announcing soon, will be presented by Adobe, Experian and TubeMogul).   [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, recently interviewed Focazio about the Master Class and about EPAM's work with Adobe solutions. An audio recording of the interview can be accessed here.  (10 Minutes)

Check Out News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow on BlogTalkRadio     Here's a description of the Master Class from the TVOT 2015 Show Brochure:     Beyond "Watch" Apps: Building a Better Audience with Adobe Products   The many challenges of delivering high-quality on-demand video via the Internet have largely been solved, or are at least managed. However, the challenges of finding--and retaining--a high-quality, economically viable audience are many and complex.    This Master Class is created and presented by EPAM Systems, an Adobe implementation partner that has deployed Adobe products in over 40 media companies worldwide.    In the class, we will focus on the practical realities of building a media management and delivery platform that does more than simply authenticate users and play video. We'll start with the assumption that the participant has experience with--or is at least generally familiar with--either Adobe Omniture and/or Adobe pass; we'll then show, through a step–by-step evolution of the Adobe products and capabilities involved, how to create better audience profiles that generate more engaging and personalized content catalogs, which in turn can improve engagement and overall audience value. This class is ideal for any content company that is considering a "direct-to-consumer" offering.   
  • The Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015 can be found here.
  • Purchase your TVOT 2015 tickets here.



The Consumer Front and Center: Introducing the New Insights Track for TVOT 2015

June 15, 2015 - 10:31pm
By Mike Bloxham, SVP National Television and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates   For the first time at TVOT, delegates will be able to attend a special full-day Insights Track as part of the main conference. Sessions are focused on consumer insights derived through research, live discussions with consumers themselves, and measurement challenges and opportunities in this new era of television.   Curated by Frank N. Magid Associates and sponsored by Sorenson Media, the Insights Track has been designed to be relevant to any delegate--whether involved in strategy, content creation, distribution, advertising and monetization, marketing and more. The day encompasses some of the most challenging and exciting issues associated with the evolving world of TV and video.   And you'll even get a chance to interact directly with some real viewers!   At the heart of the day's agenda are the challenging questions of how success will be achieved as the viewing experience becomes more multi-faceted, and how the insights necessary to thrive will be defined and secured in order to best inform decision-making.   Throughout the day, we'll be hearing from practitioners and thought leaders from all sides of the industry, who'll be discussing the impact and opportunities presented by the rapidly developing world of OTT and SVOD services, the potential of the data-rich promise of Connected TV, and the implications of the changes in how we consume video for the processes used to develop, test and ultimately green-light content.   Our selected panelists cross the industry--from networks to technology providers, and agencies to advertisers. The companies they represent include GroupM, Roku, The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, NBCU, Spike, The CW, Sorenson Media, Samsung and more. We're sure to see some lively debate.   We'll also hear some quick-fire case studies featuring original research on such issues as consumer response to onscreen overlays (Sorenson Media), the impact of great content and storytelling that audiences love on advertiser ROI (A+E), and how we are consuming content outside the home across different platforms (Sonifi Solutions).   In addition, we'll enjoy a rare opportunity to hear directly from three major advertisers about what is shaping their thinking with regard to the changing face of TV and video and what they need to justify sustained investment of one kind or another. Brand marketers ultimately have huge influence over how the media and entertainment business develops, and executives from Microsoft, Clorox and Warner Brothers will lift the lid on the needs and perspectives that are driving their thinking and--ultimately--their budget allocation in different platforms. In this session, hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation, we'll learn if they are as excited about the same possibilities that some of us are.   We're also fortunate to have the opportunity to hear a view from the top in the form of a one-on-one interview with Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer at Turner Broadcasting. As head of research for a company with one of the largest and most diverse portfolios of media properties in the country and a vast global reach, Howard touches every part of the business. What are the burning issues impacting him and his peers and how are they addressing them? What are the priorities and how are Turner and businesses like it--and ultimately all its business partners--addressing those priorities?   The highlight of the day for some may be when the tables turn and, instead of us talking about viewers, they talk about us. We will hear directly from two distinct groups of consumers: Millennials and the cohort that's following them, the Plurals. Sharalyn Orr, Executive Director of Magid's Generational Strategies team, will host two separate sessions where she will draw on the firm's 11 years of generational research and consulting to unlock the young viewers' perspectives. We start the day with the Millennial panel--the group that is rapidly becoming the dominant economic force in society--and later in the day we'll meet the Plurals, the teenagers that represent the consumers that really are the audience for the TV of Tomorrow.   Come and hear what they have to say about their media preferences and their expectations, and join these live mini-focus groups--they'll be taking your questions!   We're expecting a great day at this inaugural Insights Track--come and participate, learn and no doubt have some laughs along the way with a stellar line-up of participants.  
  • The Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015, including the Insights Track, can be found here.
  • Purchase your TVOT 2015 tickets here.


Announcing the Agenda for TVOT Story Lab

June 14, 2015 - 8:47pm
  • Intensive 3-Hour Workshop on Monday, June 22nd, Is Free to TVOT 2015 Speakers and Attendees
  MORE ABOUT THE LAB   TVOT Story Lab--a 3-hour workshop on multiplatform storytelling and storyworld development, created by Evette Vargas, CEO of Digital-Reign Productions, and Maya Zuckerman, founder of Transmedia SF--will take place 1:00-4:00PM, June 22nd (i.e. the day before TVOT 2015 kicks off) at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio of San Francisco (135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA.    TVOT Story Lab is free to TVOT 2015 speakers and attendees. Reserve your seat at this limited-attendance event by sending an email to   If you are not attending TVOT this year, you can purchase Story Lab tickets at the door for $300.   Here is a list of the key topics and sub-topics that will be covered by the TVOT Story Lab:   Storyworld:      What is multiplatform storytelling?     Storyworld development   Storyworld Planning:     Planning: pre-production     Project management,     Team management     Project tools     Marketing and PR     Audience analysis (UX, audience engagement plan, social media)      Funding and business models (monetization channels)     Media platforms and formats (tech)   Pre-Production:     Multiplatform production planning     Content development     Team-building for production   Production:     Producing multiplatform media--which formats and platforms?     Implementing the best approaches     Multiplatform media tips   Multiplatform Opportunities:     Monetization     Tech     Platforms