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Viasat denies Ukrainian charges

BroadbandTVNews - July 28, 2014 - 3:07am

Viasat has refuted the findings of an unscheduled inspection of its output in Ukraine by the country’s National Council on TV and Radio. Read the story »

Liberty Global willing to sell Film1

BroadbandTVNews - July 28, 2014 - 2:15am

Liberty Global has offered to sell its premium channel business Film1 in an attempt to win EU approval for its proposed acquisition of Ziggo. Read the story »

HRT restructuring starts to pay off

BroadbandTVNews - July 28, 2014 - 1:14am

The Croatian public broadcaster HRT made a net profit of HRK79.3 million (€10.4 million) in the first six months of this year, up from the HRK41.2 million it posted in the corresponding period in 2013. Read the story »

Turkcell dispute nears end

BroadbandTVNews - July 28, 2014 - 12:52am

The battle for control of Turkcell appears to be almost over, with the two shareholders – Turkey’s Çukurova Holding and Russia’s Alfa – finally reaching an agreement in a long-running legal dispute. Read the story »

Slovakia widens pay-DTT reach

BroadbandTVNews - July 28, 2014 - 12:19am

The Slovak pay-DTT service Plustelka is expanding its coverage in the east of the country. Read the story »

Orange Polska holds steady

BroadbandTVNews - July 27, 2014 - 10:59pm

The Polish incumbent Orange Polska ended the second quarter with a total of 720,000 TV subscribers, or 3% more than the 699,000 it had a year earlier. Read the story »

86% of Dutch homes are digital

BroadbandTVNews - July 27, 2014 - 3:37am

86% of all Dutch television homes now have digital reception, up from 82% in December 2013. One in three homes have a PVR, while 49% have at least one tablet. Read the story »

Filmmaker Ridley Scott is tackling a Phillip K. Dick project for Amazon

EngadgetHD - July 26, 2014 - 2:05pm

The works of author Phillip K. Dick have proven fertile ground for classic sci-fi movies like Total Recall and A Scanner Darkly, and The Man in the High Castle is up next. Except, well, it's making its debut on the small screen, by way of Amazon Studios and executive producer Ridley Scott (pictured above), according to Deadline. For the unfamiliar, Castle takes place in a 1962 where the Allied Powers were defeated in World War II, and, as a result, Germany and Japan began an occupation of the United States -- Scott's sci-fi phase apparently isn't stopping anytime soon. With the legendary filmmaker working on Halo: Nightfall, the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels and now this, we're even tempted to call it a trend.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]

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Source: Deadline

Microsoft flashes its 'Halo 2' remake and Atari documentary at Comic-Con

EngadgetHD - July 26, 2014 - 12:02pm

What do Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the Atari landfill-dig have to do with comic books? Not much, really, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft isn't at this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) trotting them out to those in attendance. Let's start with Master Chief. The big green galoot has a boxed set of the games he starred in coming out this November, Redmond has seen fit to drop a trailer for the collection's gorgeously overhauled Halo 2 cinematics and we've embedded it below. What's more, MCC's developer Certain Affinity announced that the map that introduced the world to Halo 2's multiplayer, "Zanzibar," is getting the remake treatment alongside "Lockout," "Ivory Tower," "Coagulation" and "Ascension." The final of the six remastered maps will be revealed at Gamescom in Germany next month. If that isn't enough Halo news, we've also embedded video from the Halo: Nightfall panel that recently took place at SDCC.

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Source: Xbox Wire (1), (2)

​Amazon's new video portal makes it easy to buy while you watch

EngadgetHD - July 26, 2014 - 7:22am

Want to watch the latest Weird Al music video or catch a movie trailer straight out of Comic-Con? Amazon now has a place for that. Variety reveals that Amazon quietly launched a new "video shorts" section of its instant video service, filling it out with music videos, movie trailers, video reviews, interviews, featurettes and more. It seems like a simple addition of short-form video content, but it's more than that: this is one of Amazon's new advertising platforms.

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Via: Variety

Source: Amazon

David Attenborough's next 3D nature doc and new VR experiences are coming soon

EngadgetHD - July 25, 2014 - 11:33pm

The 3D hype may have died down from its peak a few years ago, but Sir David Attenborough is continuing to make use of the technology (check after the break for a video explaining some of the infatuation with it) for his critically acclaimed nature documentaries. The latest one is Conquest of the Skies 3D, and Sky has announced that the three 60-minute episodes will air around Christmas in the UK. In order to "tell the evolutionary story of flight" Attenborough and crew are using new 3D macroscopic and high-speed filming techniques, as well as 3D octocopters. What it won't have is the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus-compatible virtual reality version that was bandied about earlier this year, but that doesn't mean the tech is on the shelf. Newly-expanding Sky has teamed up with Atlantic Productions, and Atlantic's new division Alchemy is planning to have VR experiences (that combine live action 3D footage, 360 degree video and CGI) available this fall.

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Source: Sky

Playdate: We're livestreaming the 'Destiny' beta on Xbox One! (update: it's over!)

EngadgetHD - July 25, 2014 - 3:30pm
Welcome, ladygeeks and gentlenerds, to the new era of gaming. The one where you get to watch, and comment, as other people livestream gameplay from next-gen consoles. Because games! They're fun!

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Source: Twitch

Germany’s ARD plans new Netflix competitor

BroadbandTVNews - July 25, 2014 - 1:27pm

German public broadcaster ARD wants to set up a new Netflix-style online streaming portal after the project Germany’s Gold jointly planned with fellow public broadcaster ZDF was cancelled following concerns by federal cartel office Bundeskartellamt in September 2013. Read the story »

Watching 'Sharknado' with Syfy Sync and Philips Hue

EngadgetHD - July 25, 2014 - 12:07pm

When I open my mailbox, I often find Amazon packages that I don't remember ordering. But today's surprise was a DVD of Sharknado, a movie I absolutely did not purchase. My first instinct was to contact Amazon and change my password, but then I found a note inside: "For you to test out the new Syfy Sync app with your Philips Hue lights." Wait, what? A quick web search cleared things up pretty quickly -- the latest Syfy Sync app enables full control of a Hue bridge (and connected lights) on the same network. The movie, app and lights work together, in theory, to bring you a more immersive entertainment experience.

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Get the most out of Netflix with these tools -- while you still can

EngadgetHD - July 25, 2014 - 11:00am

We've heard your complaint: you can't find anything to watch on Netflix. Despite all the A/B testing, app updates and data Netflix is measuring behind the scenes, the way it presents the library makes it nearly impossible to see everything that's available to watch, and sometimes you want to do the choosing instead of letting an algorithm or hired gun do the work. The good news is there are a ton of different ways to sort through the pile -- or ditch sorting for the bliss of random selection -- but the bad news is that some of them will be going away soon (more on that in a minute). If you're not already taking advantage of third party tools like InstantWatcher to dive deep into the catalog, we're here to explain why you should be.

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The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR

EngadgetHD - July 25, 2014 - 7:30am

Back in June, Google revealed Cardboard: an open-source attempt at mobile virtual reality. Heck, even the "hardware" is open source --here are instructions to make your own, right now!

But the concept is more than a low-tech solution to mobile VR. It's emblematic of Google's approach to virtual reality: use the phone that's already in your pocket. Samsung's taking the same approach later this year with Gear VR, only it's also partnering with Oculus VR on the software side.

This stands in stark contrast to the PC-dependent, ultra-high-res experience Oculus VR and Facebook are aiming to achieve. The Oculus Rift headset both literally and figuratively kickstarted the re-birth of virtual reality in modern technology. It remains the peak of technological achievement in virtual reality. And now, the medium is splintering into two distinct futures: one of entertainment, the other of immersion.

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London Live seeks to reduce local content

BroadbandTVNews - July 25, 2014 - 3:30am

Just months after its launch local TV station London Live has applied to Ofcom to scale back the amount of local content broadcast. Read the story »

Discovery breaks international records

BroadbandTVNews - July 25, 2014 - 3:27am

Discovery Networks International says it was able to ward off stiff competition from the World Cup to deliver its biggest ever quarter. Read the story »

TVP sets sail again

BroadbandTVNews - July 25, 2014 - 3:08am

The Polish public broadcast TVP is re-launching a virtual on-demand channel, but only for this weekend (July 25-27). Read the story »

Russia looks to satellite self-sufficiency

BroadbandTVNews - July 25, 2014 - 2:42am

Faced with the threat of Western sanctions, Russia should produce all its communications satellites, according to Nikolai Nikiforov, the country’s communications and mass media minister. Read the story »

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