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"What the 2016 Presidential Election Teaches Us about the Future of Advertising" at TVOT NYC 2016

TVOT Feed - January 08, 2017


Zane Vella, Jonathan Bokor, Seth Haberman, Mike Bloxham, Ashley Swartz

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2016 session, "What the 2016 Presidential Election Teaches Us about the Future of Advertising." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"This session will bring together a panel of experts from multiple areas of the advanced-TV and video advertising industry to explore the future of advertising through the prism of the 2016 presidential election. 

The discussion will not only draw on lessons from the field that illustrate how effective--or otherwise--data-driven and other forms of advanced advertising proved during the election, but will also attempt to relate the future of advertising to broader societal and cultural trends that the election has brought to light. Expect a lively and spirited discussion!" Panelists included: 

  • Mike Bloxham, SVP of National Television and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates 
  • Jonathan Bokor, SVP/Director of Advanced Media, MediaVest
  • Mark Gall, CRO, Alphonso
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (Moderator)
  • Tracey Scheppach, CEO, Matter More Media
  • Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Corp.
  • Zane Vella, CEO, Watchwith


Seth Haberman, Mike Bloxham, Ashley Swartz, Tracey Scheppach, Mark Gall