Full-Service: DG & MediaMind Unite Online and Broadcast Video Delivery

Biltmore In Stream Video

Agency: The Richards Group

Campaign: Biltmore Spring/Summer

Media Outlets: TV, Online


Biltmore, an 8,000-acre privately owned National Historic Landmark in Asheville, North Carolina, launched a geo-targeted branding and seasonal campaign in late March 2012 to drive awareness of the sprawling estate’s summer events. Biltmore’s TV commercials aired in locations that were targeted according to their proximity to the property, including Greensboro, Knoxville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville and Spartanburg. Extending the campaign into the summer season with video, The Richards Group looked to ad management and distribution leader DG and its digital division MediaMind.


Bridging the worlds of TV broadcasters and online publishers is one hot-button issue for the advertising industry today. For over forty years, the TV advertising industry has developed the spot and delivered the assets to the stations, reaching as many viewers as possible and garnering data from publishers. In the US alone, 70 billion in advertising dollars is being spent on broadcast this year – so why mess with a good thing? The question is no longer about whether to use broadcast or video – but rather, how marketers can take advantage of both.

Armed with the muscle of both TV broadcast and online campaign delivery, DG & MediaMind provided a united, full-service process for the delivery needs of Biltmore’s Spring/Summer campaign with The Richards Group.


Video Assets in One

With the cross-channel video solution, DG & MediaMind seamlessly provided The Richards Group with the broadcast-to-online services. Addressing the quickly changing needs of today’s agency, The Richards Group has also transitioned from having separate contact points within the agency for broadcast and digital to having campaigns managed for both aspects in one.

Biltmore’s TV spot was adapted into six In-Stream online video ads, with multiple companion banners to support the video. Broken down by market, there were six delivery groups for the video, so each video could be tailored according to its respective market location.

DG & MediaMind automatically transitioned the broadcast assets into the necessary digital formats, migrating them into the online campaign format. “The quick and efficient turnaround of Biltmore’s Spring/Summer campaign is evidence of the power of a single vendor handling video assets for TV and online,” said Gal Trifon, Chief Digital Officer of DG and MediaMind.

One Vision, One Easy Solution

The ease of having a one-stop cross-channel solution translated into a lightened load on both the creative and production sides of the agency. With the streamlined process provided by DG & MediaMind, The Richards Group was spared the time-consuming tasks of gathering video specs, and emailing multiple files back and forth for the online assets. “I would use this service again in a heartbeat,” said Jessica Blancovich, Broadcast & Digital Traffic Manager at The Richards Group. “It definitely saved time having DG and MediaMind both encode the spots and upload them – and having that process in place also reduced the potential for errors,” Blancovich added.

“We really found the entire process to be both pretty quick and pretty painless,” said Cheryl Huckabay, Principal, The Richards Group. Through the joint execution, DG & MediaMind bridged the gap between online and broadcast with one, seamless service.

Review It, Get it out the Door(s)

The single cross-channel solution means smoother iterations of the campaign creative, and access for the client - at the critical approval stage. The one-stop service made the final campaign approval process simpler, allowing the client to access the creative during any time of the approval process. The in-stream video content was tailored to the respective geo-targeted areas where the videos ran, which meant that there were several adaptations to the videos. “We really liked having the ability to quickly access the creative at any time and preview the videos before approving them to go live,” said Blancovich of The Richards Group.

Analysis in One Place

Beyond ease and efficiency, The Richards Group was able to benefit from additional analysis and metrics, as well. “The video fully-played rate in particular was a really important additional metric for us. Some planners have costs based on completed views versus on impressions, and it’s a massive benefit to us having that insight,” said Blancovich. The metrics also allowed The Richards Group to see how one video was performing against the other, which in turn influenced which creative chosen for the campaign refresh. The campaign also benefited from access to a host of additional metrics, including completion rates for video viewing, pauses, replays, and more.

A Holistic Campaign

Having a full service campaign across broadcast and digital platforms “simply makes sense,” said Blancovich. The agency can handle its checks and balances with much less effort, with all eyes across the campaign content, regardless of where it’s running. “It’s a huge benefit to be able to raise any potential flags on both the broadcast and digital at the same time,” she added.

And the ultimate goal for any campaign process? “That one team can manage the campaign across the board,” Blancovich said.

Welcome to the future. For agencies and marketers focused on providing successful campaigns on TV or online, DG & MediaMind offer full video capabilities across any screen, with a clear path to the fully converged video ad platform of tomorrow.