Radio: Lawrence Brickman, Founder and Managing Partner of CloverLeaf Digital

--Discusses Company's Localized Walled-Garden Services and its Roadmap

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," Lawrence Brickman, founder and managing partner of CloverLeaf Digital, a Brooklyn-based interactive TV applications developer that specializes in building and managing localized "walled-garden" services, targeted primarily at smaller IPTV operators, provides an in-depth overview of his company and its strategy.

Topics discussed include the origins of the company; the various services that it provides, including its DotDaily walled-garden service (offers localized news and information, including news and sports coverage from the Associated Press, local weather from AccuWeather, local movie guides, and horoscopes, as well as an array of content--including community events calendars, school lunch menus and community slideshows--published by community organizations, using the company's DashDaily community content publishing tools) and games from Accedo Broadband; usage trends for the company's services; how the company goes about providing localized information; its plans to enable end-users to upload video to its service; and more.




North America