Radio: Matt Apfel on Coincident TV's Hypervideo Tech, its Interactive Video Player for Fox's "Glee," and More

Coincident TV--a San Francisco-based start-up which earlier this year launched its "hypervideo" software suite, which it says combines online video, social media, Web links and commerce into a single immersive experience (see the article published on, April 13th)--recently received an Interactive Media Emmy nomination for the "Glee Superfan Experience," an interactive video player it created for Fox's primetime musical series, "Glee." According to the company, the player "allows fans to watch full-length episodes online at while simultaneously navigating the Web, accessing their favorite 'Glee' social media sites, purchasing 'Glee'-related merchandise and watching bonus material--all without ever exiting the 'Glee Superfan' experience." Coincident has also been tapped by Fox to create an interactive video player for the reality show, "So You Think You Can Dance" (see the article published on, July 12th).

In this RECORDED EPISODE of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "Radio [i]tvt," Matt Apfel, Coincident TV's VP of content, East Coast, discusses the company's hypervideo technology, its work with Fox, and more.

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