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THANKS for becoming an [itvt] Community Member! We are currently working on a host of new features which will make the [itvt] site more useful to industry professionals like yourself. This page will be updated to provide useful information to members about the new features available and how to use them.

Please take a moment to get in touch with us via the Contact page with any suggestions for changes or new features you'd like to see on the site...or suggest "how-to" items we could add to this page.


Your Member Profile

Your Member Profile appears on our People site and is visible to all visitors. We strongly encourage all members to upload a personal logo or picture of yourself and to complete your profile.

Your profile includes a personal contact page, which allows other approved users who are logged-in, to contact you via email without exposing you to spam.

Profile Option Tabs

View - This is the information about you that all visitors (registered members and non-registered users) will see on your profile page

Edit - Gives you access to three separate screens of member information, which can be edited/updated.

Account - You can change your basic account information here - set a new password, upload a photo, and choose whether other members are able to contact you through the site.

Personal Information - Contains your own URL, Title, Company and "About Me" information.

Twitter Account - Allows you to enter your Twitter username and password – making your latest tweets accessible to anyone browsing your [itvt] profile.

Files - Provides access to any digital files for [itvt] research products you have recently purchased through the site (note: this is not currently available, but will be in the future).

Track - A quick list of content items you have created or have the ability to edit on the [itvt] site.

Membership & Member Tools

It's always easy to see when you are logged-in to [itvt] as the Member Tools tab displays in top left of your screen. This tab opens to display a menu providing access to all of the features described on this page.

We welcome your participation in the [itvt] site! We only approve members who we think can add something to the community. Please use your own name or something that doesn't look like it was created by a spammer.

So far we have been delighted at the great blog postings our members are producing and we are currently highlighting our favorites prominently on the home page of the site and in the daily email newsletter. We will be doing more to draw attention to member-created content. Plans are in the works for special opportunities that will create more features and greater visibility opportunities for our most talented and active contributors.

We are also adding a number of new areas where our users can create content, which will appear directly on the site. Stay tuned....

Creating Content on [itvt]


All [itvt] members are encouraged to contribute to the Blogstream. Just click the Blog Post link in your Member options menu, enter a title and body content, and save. As soon as you save a blog post, it is live to all site visitors. We may link to it through our daily email newsletter as well, which goes out to many thousands per day.

You may edit an existing blog post by returning to that post on the site while logged into the site by clicking on the "Edit" tab. You can also access your posts from My Blog or Tracker located in the Edit tab above your profile, which allows you to update or delete your post.

Thumbnail Image - Please upload an image that represents your blog post - it will be re-sized automatically. This image will be used on the front page, if your post becomes a Featured Member Blog post and will appear as a thumbnail in blog lists.

Video - If you wish to feature video, the easiest way to do so is to simply copy and paste it's URL straight into the "Video" field, and then it will be formatted correctly for our site. YouTube and Vimeo videos are accepted.

Formatting - There are simple text editing tools in the "Body" window of the blog page, which allow you to edit your text and give it some formatting.

Images - Follow the instructions on this page in the "Uploading Images" section below to use images in your blog postings.

MS-Word - Content pasted directly from Word may give unpredictable results. We recommend you compose directly in the blog page field window or start your blogging career the right way by downloading a proper text editor for free for your PC or Mac. If you already have a basic ASCII text editor like "Notepad," that will work very well. Just cut and paste content from there, if you like.

Preview - Before launching your item into the [itvt] Blogstream try clicking the "Preview" button first instead of "Save" to view your post as it will appear on the site.

Creating Company Profiles

We have over 250 basic profiles in our [itvt] iDatabase. Yes, we know that this area is rather thin and we are currently working on plans for much needed improvements. However, with the basic structure in place, part of what we need are new and updated company profiles. Please feel free to add in your own!

Currently, you may create as many company profiles as you wish and you will retain editing rights to the ones you have created. We'll observe how this works over time. This database will likely evolve once more users take an interest in contributing to this area.

If you would like to take ownership of your company's existing profile, let us know via email... sending this request from your company email address would be a good idea!

When you add a company profile, please complete as many of the fields as possible. You can return to edit any profiles you have created from the Tracker tab on your profile page, if you wish to add more information later.

The company description is limited to 2000 characters. If you want, you can use the same formatting tools as described under Blogging above including adding images.


Posting Jobs

As of 2012, posting to the [itvt] Job Board is now completely free!

To post a postion, just log-in to your [itvt] account and use the options displayed on the My Job Postings tab on the Member Tools menu in the top left corner of your screen to Post Jobs or review resumes submitted.

You will also receive applications submitted by email with a link to the profile of the member who submitted the application.

Creating Resumes & Applying for Jobs

To apply for positions posted on the [itvt] Job Board log-in and make use of the My Job Search options on the Member Tools menu in the top left corner of your screen.

It is simplest to upload a resume before applying for jobs.

To create a resume which can be selected with your applications, enter a title, an optional cover note, and use the File Attachments option to upload a digital file of your resume.

When you apply for a job, you may choose which of your resumes you wish to use. The selected resume, cover letter and a link to your member profile will be sent confidentially to the [itvt] Member who posted the position.

Since the person who receives your application will also be directed to your Member Profile it's best to make sure it's up-to-date!

Uploading Images

When blogging members can now use the great features of CK Editor and CK Finder for creating their posts and adding images. These tools are a great improvement and we hope will make blogging with images more useable for all our members. If you have a question that is not covered in instructions below, please get in touch.

You may upload upload images up to 2Mb in size – anything larger will be rejected. Images which are too big to display will be scaled to 500 pixels wide.

Image Button Getting Started: Click on the small house and sky icon at the top of the "Body" area, if you are composing a piece of content (blog or company profile).
Upload Uploading An Image: Clicking the image icon launches floating window titled "Image Properties" Here, you can enter an image URL or click on the small "Upload" tab to upload a new image.
Choose and Send Browse and Send to Server: After selecting the "Upload" tab use the "Browse" option to navigate your local drive and "Upload" to send the file to your user directory on our Web server. When your image has been uploaded you will be returned to the main "Image Properties" window.
Align and Pad Setting Image Options: Here you may enter "ALT" text (important for screen readers), adjust the size of the your image and choose to align the image left or right for best text flow by using the drop down selections. Also, setting vertical and horizontal space to "5" will provide a nice looking padding between the image and text.
Browse Server Reusing Previous Images: The "Browse Server" button allows you to navigate images that have already been uploaded to your user directory. Just double click an image to select and set image options as above.

Adding Captions to Images

You can easily add captions to your uploaded images without having to worry about formatting. Just follow these steps.

1. During or after your image upload click on the advanced tab in the Image Properties pop-up
2. Type your caption in the "Image Caption" field. Click OK to exit.
3. Select the image then select "Image Caption" from the stlyes drop-down selector.
4. Save your post to see the results

Comments, Recommendations, and Suggestions


We encourage all readers to comment on the site.

[itvt] Currently allows anonymous commenting subject to moderation. This means, however, that comments placed anonymously may not appear for some time. Therefore, we encourage members to log-in before placing comments: this allows everyone to see that it's you making the brilliant observation, and your comment will be visible instantly.

We reserve the right to remove comments and block members who engage in spamming or who's comments contain abusive or offensive material.


We welcome feedback and questions and, of course, we are always grateful for tips and editorial suggestions.

Please use our Contact page to get in touch.


Our Content Policies

So far we've had it easy! We haven't had to adjudicate too many tricky contributed content issues. Our users are a smart bunch, so it hardly needs saying that anything spammy, abusive, inappropriate or just plain dumb posts will be removed … and your account likely suspended. Please use [itvt]'s Web site responsibly!