Conspiracy for Good

News Round-Up

--Comcast's Annual TV Pulse Survey Shows Significant Increase in Time-Shifted Viewing
--Gary Traver Steps Down as COO of Comcast Media Center
--GetGlue Launches Android Version of its Social TV Service, New Mobile Site, New "Stickers"
--"Heroes" Creator, Tim Kring, and Nokia Claim Success for "Conspiracy for Good"
--Mixed Martial Arts Promoter, Strikeforce, Taps Ooyala to Power its Online Video
Here are some other interactive TV-related stories we didn't have room for in this issue: Comcast on Tuesday unveiled the findings of its second annual TV Pulse Survey, an independent nationwide survey that was conducted by International Communications Research . Among other things, the study found that US consumers' usage of time-shifting technology--including VOD, DVR's and online video--has risen over 60% from just a year ago and over 80% from three years ago. "Time-shifting has...

News Round-Up (III): Clicker Media, Tim Kring, DECE, Digital TV Labs

--Clicker Media Study: Most Broadcast Content Is Made Available Online, but Only for a Short Time
--Tim Kring's Conspiracy for Good Kicks Off in London
--DECE Unveils Consumer Brand
--Digital TV Labs Offering Bespoke Conformance Testing for CI+ Operators
The [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week and next, so we are covering most stories in round-up/summary form, and we anticipate that there will be some additional interruptions of our regular news publishing schedule beyond that. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers. Online video content discovery specialist, Clicker Media , has released a study that attempts to answer the question: "How Much Network Programming Was Actually 'On Online'...