Steve Donohue

Go, Steve!

Steve Donohue --who has been filling in very ably for the [itvt] editorial team while we work on TVOT NYC Intensive --will be competing in the New York City Marathon this Sunday. While we must admit that our idea of exercise is the occasional trip from our desks to the coffee machine and back, we'll be running with him in spirit! Here's a photo of Steve competing in the Tough Mudder New England race last...

Introducing our New Writer, Steve Donohue

As many of you have noticed, our news publication schedule has been pretty irregular the past few weeks, as the [itvt] editorial team has been busy working on the TV of Tomorrow Show . Today we are pleased to announce that one of our favorite journalists, Steve Donohue (you've probably noticed that we link to his work quite frequently), has agreed to fill in for us, and will be writing daily news articles for the [itvt] newsletter and Web site while we focus on the show.