TiVo Enhances StopWatch Ratings Service with New "Pure Program Ratings" Metric

--Makes It Possible to See Percentage of Viewers Lost During Commercial Breaks

TiVo announced last week that its StopWatch ratings service (collects anonymous second-by-second audience research data from TiVo boxes) is now offering a new metric that it calls Pure Program Ratings. The metric, which TiVo says is derived using the number of TiVo subscribers viewing a program in live- or timeshifted mode, excluding the commercials, is designed to calculate the total potential audience for commercials during a given program.

TiVo Launches StopWatch Local Markets Ratings Service

At the NAB show in Las Vegas Monday, DVR vendor/service provider, TiVo--in what appears to be an attempt to challenge Nielsen's dominance in the local ratings space--announced StopWatch Local Markets, a version of the company's StopWatch audience ratings service that provides anonymous, second-by-second, year-round ratings data for programming and commercials in local US television markets (note: StopWatch collects its research data from TiVo boxes; TiVo recently announced that it would expand the size of the service's sample from 100,000 to 300,000 boxes--see [itvt] Issue 8.23 Part 2A).

TiVo: Heavy Timeshifting of Early Primetime Shows Erodes Live Viewing During 10:00PM Timeslot

DVR vendor, TiVo, released new data from its StopWatch ratings service, Thursday, which it says show that primetime programming that aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in February during the 8:00PM and 9:00PM timeslots was much more likely to be viewed in timeshifted mode, compared to programming aired in the 10:00PM timeslot (note: the StopWatch service collects anonymous second-by-second audience research data from a passive sample of 100,000 TiVo boxes). According to the company, the 9:00PM timeslot was the most heavily timeshifted hour, with 59% of viewers opting to record programming during that hour and watch it later; and the 8:00PM timeslot was a close second, with 58% timeshifted viewing; however, during the 10:00PM hour, only 53% of viewers opted to timeshift programming.

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