Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (IV): Asus, Google TV, Marvell, Sony, Ubitus, Amazon, YouTube

As most of you are probably aware, [itvt]'s daily news reporting was on hiatus for several weeks, because our editorial team was working on TVOT NYC Intensive 2012 and then taking a post-event break. In order to catch up with the news we missed during that period--as well as the huge volume of news currently being generated by CES 2013--we are covering stories in headlines/round-up format (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke). We expect it will take us a couple of weeks to catch up with all recent developments, so if you have sent us a press release or briefed us about a piece of news, and don't yet see it covered here, please bear with us.

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (III): Rovi, Shaw Media, NBCU, Syfy, Sling Media, Spotify, Samsung, Spreecast, VH1, Logo, This Technology, Thomson, Twitter, Vine, Ubitus, YouTube, ZTE

Because the [itvt] editorial team is busy working on our upcoming TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC Intensive (December 10th in New York City), we are covering stories in this issue in headlines format:

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