Yelp Interactive TV Widget Launched on Verizon FiOS TV

In a posting on a corporate blog, Wednesday, Verizon announced the availability on its FiOS TV platform of a new interactive TV widget that provides access to the online social networking/local business search/reviews service, Yelp. In order to use the new widget, viewers first enter their ZIP code, to pull up a list of businesses in their local area. By clicking on a business's listing, they can access its address, phone number and the ratings...

News Round-Up I: Connected TV

--DivX Launches DivX TV: Will Be Deployed by LG Electronics
--Home Jinni Launches Social Entertainment Platform/Media Center for Android-Based HDTV's/BDP's
--LG Electronics Expands its Netcast Entertainment Access Service
--Panasonic Adds Fox Sports, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter and Skype to Viera Cast
--Samsung Launches App Store, Napster Launches TV Widget on Samsung's Internet@TV
--Sony Launches 3D-Enabled Bravia Connected TV's, Blu-ray Players
--Toshiba Launches Broadband-Connected CELL TV, Featuring 2D-to-3D Conversion and More
--Trinity Convergence Working with Skype to Embed Skype Video Calling in Connected TV's
--Vizio Launches New Connected HDTV's, Expands its Vizio Internet Apps Service
A number of pieces of connected TV news came across [itvt]'s desk, Tuesday. Here is a brief--and by no means exhaustive--round-up (note: also see " Vudu Unveils Vudu Apps OTT Service ," " ActiveVideo Networks in Deal to Provide Blockbuster with Cloud-Based User Interface ," and " Showtime Networks, Betfair Launch Interactive TV Widgets "): DivX has announced DivX TV, which it bills as a "comprehensive embedded Internet TV platform that provides access to a...

Verizon FiOS TV Launches New Widget Featuring AP News and Photos

--Also Adds New Capabilities to the FiOS TV Media Manager
In a posting on a corporate blog, Wednesday, Verizon 's director of external communications, Bobbi Henson, announced that the company's FiOS TV service has replaced its existing Headline News interactive TV widget with a new widget featuring content from the Associated Press (AP) .

"When you activate the AP Widget, you can scan a variety of types of news stories on one part of your screen, while keeping your TV show in...

Verizon FiOS TV Launches NBA League Pass Interactive TV Widget

--FiOS TV Remote DVR App Now Available for 10 BlackBerry Models
--AT&T's U-verse TV IPTV Service Passes 2 Million Subscribers
Verizon announced Wednesday that it has launched an NBA League Pass interactive TV widget on its FiOS TV service . According to the company, the free widget allows viewers to order NBA League Pass, an NBA subscription package that provides up to 40 out-of-market live NBA games per week, via their remote control; and also provides them with instant access to headline news, player reports, game-time alerts and more. Once viewers have subscribed to NBA...

Widget Version of HSN's "Shop by Remote" Interactive TV App Launches on Verizon FiOS TV

--Features Special "Verizon FiOS Deal of the Day"
In a corporate blog posting, Wednesday, Verizon 's director of external communications, Bobbi Henson, announced that the company has partnered with home shopping network, HSN , to create a new widget version of the latter's Shop by Remote interactive TV application for the Verizon FiOS TV platform (note: Comcast has just announced the national roll-out of an EBIF version of Shop by Remote-- see the article in this issue ). The new widget will feature...

Verizon FiOS TV Rolls Out Interactive TV Features in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

--The Features, Already Available in California and Texas, Are Enabled by Upgrade of the FiOS TV IMG
Verizon said Tuesday that it has rolled out various new interactive TV features and navigational shortcuts to customers of its FiOS TV service in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as part of an upgrade of its FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide (IMG). The new features, which are offered at no additional charge, have been available on Verizon systems in California and Texas for some time now, and Verizon says that it will roll them...

News Round-Up

--Adconion Acquires Joost Assets
--Boxee Remote Control Widget Launched
--Ericsson to Cease Using Tandberg Television Brand
--Interactive Mobile TV Services Set to Launch in Korea
--Pace Supplying HD DVR's to Argentina's Cablevision
--Playcast Develops System for Playing Console Games on Legacy Set-Top Boxes
--Rogers' TV Everywhere Service to Launch Today
--English High Court Rules in Virgin Media's Favor in Rovi EPG Patent Case

Here is a round-up of some other interactive TV-related stories we didn't have room for in this issue: Online video advertising network operator, Adconion Media Group , has acquired most of the assets of broadband video service, Joost, and plans to use the Joost brand for a white-label broadband video service. However, Adconion CEO, Tyler Moebius, told Paid Content that the company also plans to continue to operate the Joost.com consumer site and will actively...

Rovi's TV Guide Interactive TV Widget Launches on Samsung HDTV's

Rovi (formerly Macrovision--for more on the company's name change and the repositioning it heralds, see the interview with Rovi chief evangelist, Richard Bullwinkle, that was published on itvt.com, July 16th ) said Monday that its TV Guide widget--which is billed as providing viewers with a snapshot of what programs are available on 28 of the most popular TV channels--has gone live on Samsung's implementation of the Yahoo! TV Widget Engine platform, which is available on...

New Social TV App, NBC.com Communicator, Lets Viewers Interact with One Another via VoIP

Broadcast network NBC on Monday announced the launch of a new social TV application called the NBC.com Communicator . According to the broadcaster, the app, which was developed by Toronto-based Itibiti Systems, offers users a "one-stop mix" of custom NBC content, services and communication tools--including, most notably, computer-to-computer voice calling over IP--on the computer desktop.

According to NBC, the new advertising-supported desktop app (note: it can be downloaded free of charge at...

Rallypoint Teams with Samsung, Best Buy on Interactive TV Widget Promotion

Rallypoint , a San Francisco-based company that specializes in developing widgets for Internet-connected HDTV's, announced a promotion Monday that will see a $59.99 annual subscription to its Rallycast Fantasy Sports widget included free with the purchase of any new Samsung 7100 model or higher LCD or LED HDTV at consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy . In order to obtain their free subscription, Samsung HDTV customers must ask a Best Buy sales assistant for a Rallycast...