TVOT 2017 Keynote: Sam Matheny, CTO of the NAB

Eventbrite - The TV of Tomorrow Show San Francisco 2017 - 11th Anniversary!

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2017 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the June 28th keynote with Sam Matheny, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). We have also included this information below.

We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2017 keynotes and firesides shortly.


12:00-12:25PM, June 28th
Cypress Room
I Didn't Know Broadcast Could Do That! A Keynote Fireside with Sam Matheny, CTO of the NAB

Think broadcasting is being left in the dust by Internet delivery? Think again. Broadcasting is about to get an upgrade that brings it crashing into the 21st century. Not only will broadcasting become part of the Internet, it will be able to deliver an experience to rival the best movie theaters have to offer. And do it all without any buffering, ever. Come to this session to learn about the new broadcast features you can take advantage of to make your content shine on every screen in a viewer's possession. You'll also hear about new business models and approaches broadcasters and content providers can take advantage of to broaden their revenue-earning potential. Participants include:

  • Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia¬†
  • Sam Matheny, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Association of Broadcasters
North America