UK Broadcaster, Five, Offering Visiware ITV Games on a Trial Basis

--Also Plans to Trial Games from Other Companies
--Trials will Lead to Selection of an Exclusive ITV Games Partner

UK commercial terrestrial broadcaster, Five, has launched a selection of interactive TV games from Paris-based Visiware on its ITV service on the Sky platform. Visiware will be one of several companies whose ITV games Five will trial, before selecting an exclusive games partner (note: the other companies' games are scheduled to launch shortly). According to Visiware, its trial with Five was negotiated by its representative, Partners in Television, Ltd. and by Damon Letzer, Five's interactive business controller. The games, which are being offered on a pay-per-play basis and which have been adapted to reflect Five's branding and look-and-feel, use Visiware's patent-pending carousel technology, which the company says allows it to offer Five viewers a choice of four games over the bandwidth normally required for a single game. The first four Visiware games on offer are Golf Practice, Baseball (note: these two are designed to tie into Five's coverage of the PGA tournament and of the World Series), Solitaire, and Animal Antics. "We constantly need to maximise the efficiency of our available bandwidth and Visiware have met that challenge. They have delivered a Five-branded solution which will enhance our interactive service and we look forward to a mutually beneficial test period," Five's Letzer said in a prepared statement. Visiware has carved itself out a fairly substantial share of the ITV games market over the past few years. It is perhaps best known for its ITV games channel, Playin'TV, which has been deployed on 33 systems in 77 countries. It has a catalog of over 150 titles, including card, board, adventure, sports, puzzle and educational games.

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