Two-Screen ITV Company, Desktopbox, Acquired by Harris Corp.

Toronto-based two-screen interactive TV technology provider,
Desktopbox, has been acquired by international communications and
information technology company, Harris Corporation.
Harris says it
will integrate Desktopbox's technology into its H-Class software
product line and market it worldwide. The Desktopbox platform
enables a two-screen enhanced TV and radio model in which content
providers can send URL's synchronized with a live or pre-recorded
program to viewers' Web browsers. During a program, URL's
providing show-related information are automatically displayed on
viewers' PC's or laptops: thus, for example, when a baseball player
comes up to bat, viewers might see a Web page at which that player's
statistics are displayed; or, when a car commercial airs, they might see
a Web page for a local dealer. Likewise, music programming might be
enhanced by broadband VOD content, blogs, lyrics, album notes, fan
Web sites, concert schedules or CD ordering information. The platform
allows viewers to access programming-synchronized Web content
either during a show's live broadcast or during playback from a DVR, a
VOD server or a DVD (note: for an extensive overview of
Desktopbox's technology from the company's founder and president,
Mike Church, see [itvt] Issue 7.32 Part 3).

According to Harris, Desktopbox's technology is being integrated into a
range of its products, including its ADC and D-Series broadcast
automation products, its Vision scheduling system, and its Landmark,
OSi and Novar traffic and billing systems. "We've been working with
Desktopbox since early 2007 on the application of their technology into
our content-management platforms," Tim Thorsteinson, president of
Harris Broadcast Communications, said in a prepared statement. "By
bringing the technology of Desktopbox into Harris, we're able to more
rapidly and extensively integrate their Internet synchronization
technology into our media solutions." Added Desktopbox founder and
president, Mike Church: "Since our Desktopbox platform allows for an
advertiser-supported model, interfacing with Harris' traffic and billing
systems will allow us take advantage of Harris automated electronic
billing features, making it easier for our users to generate incremental
ad revenue and monetize the system. Ultimately, the ability to track
consumer dual-screen usage allows networks, stations, MSO's and
content producers to increase advertising revenue for a given program."