Visiware Launches New Version of its ITV Games Portal on Numericable

Paris-based interactive TV games company, Visiware, recently contacted [itvt] to let us know that it has launched a new version of its Playin'TV games portal on the networks of French cable operator, Numericable. According to the company, the portal--which is offered on Numericable channels 58 and 180 for a monthly fee of 5 Euros--now features a "more appealing" design, that can be adapted for occasions such as Christmas or Valentine's Day; a simpler and more intuitive navigation system that lists games in various categories; a selection of 35 games each week; and optimized download times.

In other Visiware news: The company is providing a selection of its online games to Livewire, an online community that aims to improve social and emotional wellbeing for chronically ill children in Australia.