MySpace Launches MySpace Primetime Application

--Broadband Video App can be Embedded in MySpace Profiles
--Company Beta-Launches MySpace Video Content on Mobiles

Social networking company, MySpace, has launched an internally developed application called the MySpace Primetime Application. The app is being offered to MySpace users free of charge (it is advertising-supported and offers advertisers companion display advertising, tickers, pre-roll, post-roll and other ad formats) and can be embedded on profiles and homepages with one click of the mouse, the company says. Once embedded, the app allows users to search for and watch premium content from Hulu and any of the around 150 branded channels currently available on MySpace's broadband video service, MySpaceTV. MySpace claims that the new embeddable app, by expanding broadband video viewing on its platform beyond MySpaceTV, will enable "additional monetization opportunities on at least 150 million new pages per month for content partners." According to the company, all the content available through the app is derived from partnerships with Hulu, Warner Bros. and Sony, and from MySpaceTV original shows, such as "Roommates" and "Special Delivery." Users can find programming via micro search or an alphabetical directory. "The Primetime Application highlights how professional video content is being voraciously consumed across the MySpace ecosystem, not just within MySpaceTV," Jason Kirk, MySpace's VP of video and entertainment, said in a prepared statement. "Video on MySpace flows throughout the network as there are multiple entry points where videos can be discovered, watched and shared, including comments, bulletins and MySpaceTV. We believe the 76 million US users spending four hours on the site every month, and the advertisers that rely on our ad-solutions, will be happy with the flexibility of this application." Concurrently with the launch of the MySpace Primetime Application, MySpace has redesigned its MySpace Primetime community site.

In other MySpace news: The company has teamed with RipCode, a provider of Internet and mobile video infrastructure solutions, to beta-launch streaming of MySpace video content on mobile devices--making it the first social networking site to launch mobile video streaming. MySpace says it is using RipCode's on-demand video transcoding technology to optimize mobile video delivery: real-time transcoding enables it to easily support several different handsets, even though they require different combinations of codecs, bit-rates and resolutions, the company says. According to MySpace, the new service allows MySpace Mobile users to access all their uploaded videos, and most premium content, including such branded channels as TMZ, National Geographic, The Onion and College Humor. Because MySpace is transcoding VOD, the company says, there is no longer any need to store the entire MySpace video library in multiple mobile formats, thus saving significant hardware, energy and storage resources. "As the volume of video grows and the number of mobile devices supporting video continues to expand, companies have to find alternative solutions to deliver content to their customers across multiple screens," RipCode CEO, Brendon Mills, said in a prepared statement. "MySpace's decision to choose RipCode's innovative transcoding solution is proof that market leaders are embracing change in traditional transcoding methodologies and looking for smarter, more scalable solutions to manage mobile video growth." According to MySpace, the new mobile video service will be rolled out in beta globally, with support for the most popular streaming-enabled mobile devices.