Rentrak: Music Choice's VOD Service Generates 75% of All Music-Related VOD Orders

Multiplatform music programmer, Music Choice, contacted [itvt] Wednesday to let us know that its free VOD service has been "confirmed as the number-one video-on-demand network" by independent media measurement and analytics company, Rentrak--having apparently generated close to three billion orders since its launch. Rentrak also found that, in 2008, the service generated more orders than all other VOD music services combined: currently, nearly three out of every four music-related VOD orders are for Music Choice content, according to Rentrak figures cited by Music Choice.

According to Music Choice, Music Choice On Demand is currently available in over 40 million households across the US, and offers music videos and other music-related programming in a range of genres, including rock, pop, urban, Latin, country and children's. Among other things, the service offers themed video playlists, exclusive artist interviews and two bi-weekly original VOD programs: an interactive program called "Certified" (summarized by Music Choice as follows: "two artists go head-to-head, and you, the fans decide who wins") and a show called "Demanded" that features music videos from and interviews with its VOD service's most popular artists. "Music Choice gives a great big shout-out to its millions of viewers for making it the most popular place to watch music videos on television," said Music Choice's VP of programming, Damon Williams. "This milestone reinforces the power and value of Music Choice's free on-demand network to our viewers, artists, music labels, distribution partners, and advertisers."

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