Rentrak, Concurrent Partner on Three-Screen Video Analytics Offering

Multiscreen media measurement and research company, Rentrak, and Concurrent, a company best known for its VOD technology, announced a partnership agreement Tuesday, which they say will result in the industry's first full-scale approach to collecting media data across operators and enable robust, cross-platform services reporting. According to the companies, the partnership will benefit operators, broadcasters and advertisers by establishing an efficient, end-to-end data management and reporting model that they claim will speed industry adoption of addressable advertising solutions across converging platforms, including television, wireless mobile and the Internet. The model will, the companies promise, enable operators and content providers to better monetize media information with advertisers through high-quality, census-level and near-real-time data.

According to the companies, their partnership will see Concurrent collecting and correlating multi-dimensional data across multiple services, while validating the integrity and timing of the data at the source level. Rentrak, meanwhile, will ingest the consolidated data in real time, the companies say, and apply its measurement, analytics and reporting services across operators for networks and advertisers. The companies claim that the end result of their collaboration will be a "near-real-time, 360-degree view of video and advertising consumption patterns, ensuring a maximum return on advertising investments." "Rentrak and Concurrent have collaborated indirectly for a long time, and we are excited to solidify our commercial and technological partnership for the mutual benefit of our customers," Sandra Kilbridge, VP of operations for Rentrak's Advanced Media and Information (AMI) division, said in a prepared statement. "This partnership with Concurrent further strengthens Rentrak's position as a key player in multiplatform audience measurement for VOD and linear television." Added Concurrent's general manager of media data and advertising solutions, Paul Haddad: "This partnership directly aligns with Concurrent's commitment to help our customers better deliver and monetize high-quality video across the three screens through an open, commercial and intelligent model. Concurrent is proud to be working with an industry-leading media analytics and reporting partner to deliver the next generation of data management and advertising solutions for our customers."

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