MTV to Premiere Multiplatform Interactive Mystery Series, "Valemont," This Week

MTV will this Tuesday debut a multiplatform (linear TV, Web and mobile), interactive, co-branded (with Verizon Wireless) supernatural mystery series, entitled "Valemont." For six consecutive weeks, two-and-a-half-minute episodes of the show, which is co-produced with Electric Farm Entertainment, will premiere in the commercial pods directly preceding "The Hills" (10:00PM Eastern/Pacific) and following "The City" (10:30PM Eastern/Pacific). The remaining 23 episodes, together with a range of bonus footage, will subsequently be made available online at and on Verizon Wireless's V Cast Video service.

The show follows 18-year-old Sophie (Kristen Hager) as she infiltrates Valemont University, an exclusive East Coast college that her brother Eric (Eric Balfour) attended before disappearing. According to MTV, "as Sophie delves deeper into the mystery of her brother's disappearance from school, more details emerge about her family and the origins of the elite Valemont students."

MTV says that Verizon Wireless's phones will play an integral role in the show's storyline: each episode will begin with a video clip or text message from Eric's mobile, according to the broadcaster, and Verizon Wireless phones will provide clues to characters in the show, as well as to viewers (via SMS messages that viewers can register to receive). In addition, viewers will be able to discover additional clues to the show's central mystery through an online gaming experience at; and a five-second Verizon Wireless billboard will close each new episode of the show, driving viewers to additional exclusive content on V Cast. "With 'Valemont,' we're taking storytelling to new heights by incorporating central parts of the show's narrative on-air, online and on mobile," John Shea, MTV Networks' EVP of integrated marketing, said in a prepared statement. "What's great about this integration with Verizon Wireless is how the mystery of 'Valemont' unfolds for its characters across platforms, mirroring the way the audience receives information and interacts with the show."

According to MTV, visitors to can "apply to the school and receive an interactive Verizon Wireless phone that immerses them into the inner-workings of the private university as a part of the story." Registered users will then "engage with clues, tasks and messages that are embedded throughout the site's offerings, which include campus photos and maps, blogs from professors and students, and active in-character student Twitter accounts," the broadcaster says. MTV and Verizon Wireless are maintaining the conceit that Valemont is a real university by providing it with a presence on, and

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