Comedy Central Contest Gives Viewers Chance to Appear as an Animated Character in "South Park"

Comedy Central on Wednesday launched a contest/promotion that gives viewers the chance to see an animated version of themselves included in the premiere episode of the 14th season (March 2010) of the show, "South Park."

The so-called "Become a South Park Citizen" watch-and-win sweepstakes launched Wednesday night, during a new episode of "South Park" entitled "Dead Celebrities." It invites viewers to watch the show each week in order to spot a hidden alien character, and then enter online at for a chance to win: each correctly spotted alien earns viewers one entry toward the grand prize (it also gives them a chance to win various weekly prizes), and entries must be submitted before 9:00PM Eastern on Thursdays. According to Comedy Central, the alien can only be seen in the broadcast version of the show--i.e. not in the version streamed on

The contest's grand prize winner will have their likeness animated as a "South Park" character by the show's animators. The winner's animated alter ego will then appear in a full cast shot that will be seen in the opening of the season 14 premiere. The winner will also receive a framed poster of their character with the "South Park" cast, signed by the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker; the entire "South Park" DVD collection; a free download of "South Park's" new Xbox game; and more, Comedy Central says.

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