Entropic-Powered ADB-6882CDMX Becomes First MoCA 1.1-Certified Set-Top Box

Geneva-based set-top box company, Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB), and Entropic, a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in home networking solutions, said Monday that ADB's ADB-6882CDMX set-top box, which is designed to enable MSO's to offer their customers home networking options, has become the industry's first MoCA 1.1-certified cable set-top.

The ADB-6882CDMX is powered by Entropic's EN2210/EN1010 MoCA- (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) compliant chipset, which is billed as enabling a complete coaxial network solution for distributing multiple streams of HD video, broadband data and other digital content throughout the home. ADB and Entropic claim that the box supports the newest features and performance enhancements of MoCA 1.1, using existing coaxial cable in the home and providing superior throughput and range versus other currently available wired and wireless networking technologies. "This is a significant milestone for the MoCA standard worldwide and we congratulate Entropic and ADB for developing the industry's first STB to receive MoCA 1.1 certification," Rob Gelphman, chair of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance's Marketing Work Group, said in a prepared statement. "By working with ADB, a top-tier European vendor,
to develop this STB, Entropic continues to build momentum and promote their commitment to the MoCA standard for worldwide adoption in both the cable industry and home networking market."

According to the companies, the ADB-6882CDMX will take advantage of various features offered by the latest version of the MoCA standard, including:

  • Turning existing coax wiring into a "high-powered" home entertainment network for streaming HD movies and multiroom content sharing.
  • Higher network throughput over MoCA 1.0: up to 175Mbps of application layer throughput.
  • Increased network size of up to 16 MoCA devices.
  • Built-in network management support for gathering data rate statistics.
  • "Service operator-class" robustness and reliability, with support for Parameterized Quality of Service (PQoS)-protected delivery of premium content across the home network.
  • Fueling the future convergence of high-bandwidth, personal content applications without compromising the delivery of premium service offerings.


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