Minerva Networks in IPTV Integration Partnership with Sigma Designs

--Entone Secures IPTV Deployment with Clear Lake Telephone

IPTV middleware and applications provider, Minerva Networks, announced Wednesday that it has made various enhancements to its client software platform, which it says significantly reduce the effort required to deploy set-top boxes based on Sigma Designs' next-generation devices. According to the company, it has been working closely with Sigma Designs to integrate their respective environments so that no third-party software components are needed to built a high-performance set-top box based on the companies' technologies. It says that tight integration between Minerva client software and Sigma Designs devices enables hardware manufacturers to minimize development expenses and deliver cost-effective next-generation set-tops in a timely fashion. "We have extended our client software to include critical components that previously had to be supplied by set-top box vendors," Minerva CTO and COO, Jean-Georges Fritsch, said in a prepared statement. "Close integration between Minerva's client middleware and Sigma Designs' set-top box software stack results in higher performance and reliability."

Minerva says that Taiwanese manufacturer, Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), will be first-to-market with a set-top box based on the newly integrated Minerva-Sigma Designs solution (Sigma Designs SMP8654 processor + Minerva iTVManager client software). The box is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of next year. "We are very pleased to be first-to-market with a cost-effective, next-generation IPTV set-top box based on Minerva's and Sigma Designs' technologies," Johnson Hsu, head of WNC's Digital Home business unit, said in a prepared statement. "The compelling price and performance benchmark we are setting will help drive the growth of the IPTV market."

In related news: IPTV home-connectivity solutions provider, Entone, says that Clear Lake Telephone (CL Tel) has selected its Hydra IP video gateway and Amulet IPTV receiver for its HD IPTV service launch. CL Tel operates broadband and fiber optic networks in Clear Lake and Ventura, Iowa, and is using the Entone products as part of a triple-play offering. "To be competitive in this dynamic market, not only is it vital to deliver a reliable and high-quality video service but lowering installation costs and customer churn are also important in making the business case for IPTV services," CL Tel president, Jan Lovell, said in a prepared statement. "We selected the Entone solution because of its field-proven track record and its ability to deliver advanced services without having to rewire our subscribers' homes. Entone's support has been outstanding. They have been an excellent partner in helping deploy this advanced IPTV service."

According to Entone, the Hydra IP video gateway and Amulet IPTV receiver integrate patent-pending media routing technologies that enable the delivery of live broadcast television and recorded video services throughout a subscriber's home without requiring new wiring or a set-top box at each television set. The company claims that its solutions have been deployed by over 80 operators.

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