CloverLeaf Digital in Interactive TV Deal with Iowa Network Services

CloverLeaf Digital, a Brooklyn-based interactive TV applications developer that specializes in building and managing localized "walled garden" services, said Monday that it has signed an umbrella agreement with Iowa Network Services (INS), a company that is owned by a group of 122 independent telcos and that provides a range of telecommunications services to those telcos and other companies. According to CloverLeaf, the deal will enable the Iowan independent telcos served by INS to offer their IPTV subscribers its interactive TV services cost-effectively.

CloverLeaf interactive IPTV services covered by the deal include 1) the company's flagship DotDaily walled garden service. The latter provides localized news and information, including news and sports coverage from the Associated Press, local weather, local entertainment guides, and horoscopes, as well as an array of content--including community events calendars, school lunch menus, business listings and community slideshows--published by community organizations, using CloverLeaf's DashDaily community content publishing tools. 2) Accedo Broadband's Funspot arcade, casino and puzzle games. CloverLeaf signed a deal with Accedo in November, 2008 to offer the Swedish company's games to independent telcos in North America. (Note: for more on CloverLeaf and its offerings, see the interview with Lawrence Brickman that was published on, July 16th.)

According to CloverLeaf, INS is currently offering the company's interactive TV services as part of its Digital Entertainment Television platform. The company says that several INS customers have already launched the services, including Clear Lake Telephone, Colo Telephone, Cooperative Telephone and Mechanicsville Telephone, and that several others are currently trialing them or planning to launch them in the near future. "CloverLeaf's interactive IPTV services provide the telecommunication companies supported by Iowa Network Services with a powerful differentiator as they compete with cable and satellite, while giving them the ability to provide valuable services to their customers and communities," Dennis Pearson, INS's executive manager of video, said in a prepared statement. "CloverLeaf is able to provide customized interactive IPTV services to each telecommunication company throughout our network from a central location at our data center--allowing Iowa Network Services to further our mission of offering our customers services more cost-effectively than they could obtain on their own."

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