Minerva's iTVManager 4.0 Powering Interactive TV Services for Trinidadian Telco, TSTT

--Espial Powering IPTV, VOD for Quebec's Sogetel

IPTV middleware and applications provider, Minerva Networks, said Tuesday that TSTT, the incumbent telco in Trinidad and Tobago, has successfully launched triple-play services using the fourth generation of the company's flagship iTVManager IPTV platform. According to the company, the platform--which it bills as "the most deployed open software solution for the delivery of next-generation IP television services"--supports HDTV, PVR, whole-home PVR, and VOD, and also features a widget engine that enables the integration of such applications as RSS news feeds, stock information, weather and traffic info, visual voicemail, caller ID and social networking. "We selected Minerva's platform to deliver next-generation television services to our subscribers after a thorough evaluation process," Gary Barrow, TSTT's EVP of converged services, said in a prepared statement. "Minerva iTVManager provides the rich feature set, reliability and extensibility we need to offer advanced services to our subscribers."

According to Minerva, the TSTT deployment sees the telco using iTVManager to power PVR, VOD, caller-ID on the TV, and a range of interactive TV widgets.

In related news: Espial, the Canadian digital TV software company that last year bought US IPTV and video-on-demand technology provider, Kasenna (note: the deal valued Kasenna, which had raised $90 million in funding since its launch in 2000, at around $6.5 million), said Tuesday that Sogetel, the largest independent telco in Quebec, is preparing to launch IPTV using Espial's Evo TV Service Platform and its MediaBase VOD platform. An initial launch to 1,000 customers is slated to see Sogetel offering standard- and high-definition TV services, including VOD and time-shift TV. "We are very confident that Espial's proven products and professional services are the ideal combination for us to deliver our new entertainment services," Sogetel's IPTV director, Jean-Philippe Tellier, said in a prepared statement. "Espial's video-on-demand system provides intuitive operations to simplify delivery of movies and TV-on-demand programming. Espial's IPTV middleware is an open and powerful platform for managing and delivering TV services. By working closely with Espial we are able to deliver a complete set of entertainment services to our customers today--and grow to provide more services to customers who sign on with our services in the future."

Sogetel currently maintains 32,000 access lines in five different rural areas of Quebec. It has grown its landline network by acquiring five independent telcos over the past four years.

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