Verizon FiOS TV Launches Interactive TV Version of its In-Home Agent Customer Self-Help Tool

Verizon announced Monday that it has launched an interactive TV version of its In-Home Agent customer self-help tool on its FiOS TV platform (note: a PC version of the tool was launched this summer--see the article published on, August 25th). According to the company, the new tool uses "the advanced FiOS network" to diagnose issues, report back to customers, and then quickly and automatically fix most problems. It is currently available on FiOS TV systems in California, Texas and parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, greater Philadelphia and Delaware), and is being deployed concurrently with Verizon's ongoing upgrade of its Interactive Media Guide (note: for more on the IMG upgrade, which sees FiOS TV rolling out a range of new interactive TV services, see the articles published on, December 2nd and 14th).

The new In-Home Agent app, which is accessed from the FiOS TV main menu "help" screen, is designed to guide customers through various routine tasks such as setting up a remote control or checking for connection and service problems. According to Verizon, it can find and report on many home network set-up issues that affect TV service, such as loose cable connections. With the push of a button, the company claims, problems are fixed or corrective actions outlined. The tool can also clarify other issues, such as sports blackouts or channel availability, Verizon says.

According to Verizon, over 700,000 customers have downloaded the PC version of In-Home Agent to date, and, the company says, customers report high levels of satisfaction with the tool. "The In-Home Agent gives customers the choice and options they want, and it saves time setting up, upgrading or managing their TV or Internet service," Bill Foshay, Verizon's SVP of regional operations, said in a prepared statement. "Now, with our latest upgrade, the In-Home Agent appears on the TV screen so customers can easily and conveniently manage their service experience."

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