Conditional Access and Middleware Vendor, Latens, Expands its Indian R&D Center

Latens, a Belfast-based company that specializes in DVB-compliant conditional access and middleware technologies, said Wednesday that it has expanded its R&D center in Hyderabad, India to support continued growth in the Asia region and to expand its global presence and product development capabilities.

The company says that its "continuous investment" in the region has resulted in a number of new client and partner deals, including deals with Indieon Technologies and GoDB Tech. According to the company, its newly expanded Indian operation will allow future growth of its R&D in Asia, in accordance with its plans to build up a regional hub for its software development. "Since opening the R&D center in Hyderabad in early 2009 Latens has continued to expand the offices and workforce, building on our existing successful team," Mark Crum, Latens' head of India operations, said in a prepared statement. "The R&D center has been instrumental in designing and developing unique CAS and middleware software-only solutions for leading global pay-TV operators."