Taboola's Video Recommendations Prove Effective for Revision3

Taboola, a New York-based provider of video recommendation engines, said Wednesday that Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming for distribution on the Web, mobiles, and TiVo and other connected-TV devices--has been using its EngageRank engagement-based video recommendation technology for the past month or so, with what Taboola describes as "extraordinary" results.

According to Taboola, Revision3 users who have been presented with Taboola's video recommendations (labeled as "Recommended for you") below Revision3's video player have been 90% more likely to watch a recommended video than a control group of users that has been presented with alternative baseline recommendations. "Taboola's video recommendation technology helps our users discover even more of our high-quality shows and hosts," Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback, said in a prepared statement. "And that's important, because with so much video available on the Internet, leading our viewers to additional great videos deepens the relationship between Revision3, our hosts, our shows and the audience. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the future with Taboola." Added Taboola founder and CEO, Adam Singolda: "We're very excited to be working with Revision3 and their great team. We work hard doing one thing well, which is helping users discover videos they like, and create meaningful economic value for our customers, and we're thrilled to do a good job for Revision3. We look forward to continuing to drive up the value proposition and expand our product footprint with Revision3 in the future."

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