Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Tremor Media, Transpera, Yahoo!, yap.TV

--Tremor Media Acquires Transpera
--Yahoo! Releases Results of Study of Consumer Attitudes to Connected TV
--yap.TV Updates its Two-Screen Social-TV Platform to Handle Super Bowl Traffic
--Report: yap.TV Develops Tech for Enhancing TV Ads with Synchronized Interactive Content on iPad

Here is the second of two round-ups of some recent interactive TV-related stories we didn't have room for in this issue:

  • Online video advertising network provider, Tremor Media, has acquired mobile advertising platform provider, Transpera, in a bid to enable its advertisers to target consumers via both Web and mobile through a single campaign buy. TechCrunch's Leena Rao has more.
  • Yahoo! has released the results of research it commissioned from Ipsos OTX MediaCT, that surveyed DSL-connected households in the US. The study was intended to gauge consumer usage of Internet-connected TV devices, as well as attitudes to advertising on Yahoo!'s own Yahoo! Connected TV platform. According to the company, seven key findings emerged from the study: 1) "Consumers are already connected"; 2) "Gamers will drive this trend"; 3) "Four content types are priorities for consumers" (TV programs and movies; weather; gaming; and music); 4) "Consumers still love TV shows and talking about them with friends"; 5) "Advertising is also a key driver of usage for Internet-connected TV"; 6) Consumers are interested in using Yahoo! Connected TV; 7) Male consumers are "more involved" in connected TV than are female consumers.
  • yap.TV, a social-TV start-up whose advisory board includes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, announced last week that it had released a new update to its iPad/iPhone/iPod touch application that would "accommodate millions of fans" for Sunday's Super Bowl. "Now both Steelers and Packers fans can see what all their companions and rivals are saying live on Twitter; tweet out to millions of fans from any iOS mobile device live during the game; and instantly talk back, interact and stay updated in real time," the company stated in its press materials. "Immediately connect with all your Facebook friends right through the yap.TV app to stay fused with your social networking world--all live--during the year's biggest sporting event. Fans can create instant, interactive polls to rate any facet of the game, from plays to the score spread or the half time show and infamous Super Bowl commercials. Incorporating improvements to the overall user experience--including blazing speed and capacity--yap.TV will be ready to serve millions of viewers on Super Bowl Sunday on all iOS platforms. yap.TV users can also create custom chat groups to instantly communicate with Facebook friends and foes, automatically. yap.TV is the only social-TV app that offers group chat for TV fans capable of handling traffic of Super Bowl magnitude." Said yap.TV co-founder and CEO, Trevor Stout: "Last year Twitter's traffic peaked at more than 50% of all Twitter users talking about the big game and ads. With our new 2.1 update, we are ready to handle an influx of millions of viewers right from the convenience of iPad, iPhone or iPod touch live, and in real time, during the game."
  • In other yap.TV news: The company will shortly launch a technology that will synchronize tablet ads with live TV ads, Mike Shields reports in AdWeek. According to Shields, the technology "recognizes when an ad airs on TV and then prompts a user to take some sort of action, such as watching a demo of a new car model or signing up for an offer from an insurance company."
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