TiVo Launches Free Web Site to Enable Marketers to Compare Brand Advertising Effectiveness on TV

TiVo last Friday launched a free Web site, called TiVo Ad Scorecard (www.tivo.com/ad-scorecard), which it says is designed to enable brand managers and other marketing professionals who are interested in commercial ratings to quickly analyze how effective a brand's TV commercials are at retaining viewers, and how well they are performing in comparison to competing brands. The site is powered by TiVo's StopWatch ratings service, which gathers anonymous second-by-second audience research from TiVo set-tops. "It is no secret that existing currency and methods of measuring the quantity and quality of television advertising audiences are antiquated and broken, lacking the ability to measure commercial ratings second-by-second for example," Tara Maitra, TiVo's VP of advertising and research sales, said in a prepared statement. "TiVo wants to make it easy for all marketers to begin incorporating better metrics into their decision-making processes--and we've decided this easy-to-use Web tool is a great way to help people understand more broadly the value of our data. In this day and age, marketers shouldn't have to pay millions of dollars to obtain basic audience counts. TiVo's new service showcases just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the various anonymous measurement solutions TiVo offers its customers; they have a free, uncomplicated, yet effective, tool which yields invaluable results that others cannot with just the click of a mouse."

According to TiVo, visitors to the new Ad Scorecard site can compare up to three brands with national broadcast and cable TV spots against one another, in order to determine which campaign most effectively retains viewers over a timeframe ranging from one week to three months. Once they enter the brand names they wish to research, TiVo says, a "simple click of the mouse" compares those brands and deems the one that saw the least amount of ad skipping the winner. In addition to revealing the brand that retained the most viewers, the company says, the site also shows visitors the weekly performance for each brand they entered, broken out in a colorful graphical chart display.

According to TiVo, by offering a "free taste" of the company's anonymous audience research capabilities, the new site will demonstrate to marketers "how far more advanced TiVo's data is compared to today's industry currency and how that data is helping drive the future of viewership measurement." In order to showcase the site's ability to "serve as a quick reference for those interested in expanding their knowledge about brand effectiveness on television and seeing firsthand how more granular commercial data can improve ad dollar allocation," TiVo says it has run some sample comparisons: according to the company, a comparison between advertising from McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's showed that "it was Burger King who was able to retain the most viewers during recent commercials"; and a comparison of advertising from ABC, CBS and NBC showed that CBS enjoyed the smallest degree of commercial avoidance.

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