Interview: Jeff Siegel, Rovi's SVP of Global Media Sales, on the Company's Connected-TV Advertising Efforts


In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "Radio [i]tvt," Jeff Siegel, SVP of global media sales at Rovi, discusses the company's connected-TV advertising network, which delivers ads to such platforms as Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Among other things, he explains how viewers are interacting with the ads on the network, describes the kinds of data these interactions are generating, and provides information on other recent and forthcoming developments in Rovi's connected-TV advertising efforts, some of which have yet to be officially announced.

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Who is going to want to

Who is going to want to voluntarily interrupt their TV experience to watch ads ad interact with them on IPTVs? We are moving towards skipping TV ads altogether. Unlike ads on Mobile devices, location or targeting are pretty much moot here. The "ad network" includes a "number of diff sites that [they]manage and own" but what are those sites? The Rovi site? They have very little traffic and are not a known brand at all. Specs for ads online versus on IPTVs are very different so this really is just a pain in the neck from an ad-buy perspective and is probably ROI-negative! Very opaque pitch here.