Miso Sees Demand for Synchronized SideShows

Introducing Miso Sideshows

-- CBS, Showtime, Fox, Food, DirecTV Use Miso to Deliver Interactive Content to Mobile Devices

Social TV firm Miso said it is seeing increased demand for its new SideShow product, which allows programmers, advertisers and distributors to deliver content to mobile phones and tablets that is synchronized with TV programming. 

The company, which had announced previously that Showtime was using its Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to deliver bonus content from its Dexter series that is synchronized with the broadcast, said Wednesday that several other programmers have built SideShows. Networks using SideShow include CBS, Fox, Food Network, Halogen, Science Channel and DirecTV's Audience Network

SideShow could be used to deliver information about a program a viewer is watching, such as what song is playing in the background. Networks could also use it to deliver trivia about a program a viewer is watching, and there may also be potential for Miso and TV networks that use the technology to sell products featured in programming through SideShow. 

Miso said it created an open publishing platform that will allow anyone to create a SideShow, including fans, bloggers, and TV networks. "By giving access to everyone, we believe the best experiences will emerge. Not everyone can be on TV, but everyone can create a SideShow," Miso wrote in a blog post about SideShow.

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