thePlatform Launches Tool for Flash-Based Broadband Video "Experiences"

--Also Secures Deployment with Australia's Telstra

At the NAB show in Las Vegas last month, thePlatform, a provider of digital video publishing solutions, unveiled a tool, dubbed MPS Flash Portals, which it says will allow content providers to publish their broadband video into a "Flash-based experience" that supports advertising and syndication. The tool, which is an extension of the company's flagship Media Publishing System (MPS), provides content owners and distributors with a customizable Flash template which the company says makes it easy to manage and monetize all forms of digital video through their own branded services and via affiliate syndication. According to thePlatform, MPS Flash Portals allows content owners to customize each template with different colors, branding and visual effects. The software also allows content owners to limit the number of syndication access points for more controlled distribution. In addition, it features ad-placement tools which are pre-integrated with such ad-inventory management tools as LightningCast and DoubleClicks' Dart for Publishers. thePlatform also says that it has enabled support for automatic transcoding of digital video files into Macromedia/Adobe Flash 8. "We've proven the value of MPS by managing the delivery of billions of audio and video files for some of the world's best-known media companies," thePlatform co-founder and CEO, Ian Blaine, said in a prepared statement. "Our customers have depended on us to provide rock-solid media management and publishing tools for their video services. Now with MPS Flash Portals, we're extending the functionality of MPS to embrace the consumer experience in our signature fashion. That means flexibility, scalability and total control of the business model and branding for our customers."

In other thePlatform news: the company says that Australian telco, Telstra, is using its Media Publishing System (MPS) to deliver digital video to customers of its "BigPond" broadband video portal. The Telstra deployment also sees thePlatform's MPS Download Media Manager (DMM) being used to play back content downloaded from the portal. "Our agreement with Telstra is a significant step for thePlatform as we broaden our reach beyond the US market," Blaine said in a prepared statement.

According to thePlatform, its MPS allows Telstra to aggregate VOD content from multiple different providers and deliver it to BigPond customers, using Windows Media and Windows Media DRM. In addition to enabling content aggregation, the MPS allows Telstra to associate rich metadata with content, enabling customers to easily discover and receive personalized media based on their pre-defined preferences, the company says. The DMM, meanwhile, allows BigPond subscribers to 1) schedule when downloads should be delivered (hourly, or at specific times during the day or night), thus allowing them to receive media when away from their PC's; 2) purchase content for immediate download for local playback from BigPond storefronts; and 3) either wait until the entire video is downloaded before beginning playback, or view videos via progressive download (i.e. start viewing a video while it is still downloading). The DMM also helps manage how downloaded content is stored via automatic content clean-up.

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