[itvt] Community: New Projects from Interactive TV Industry Figures, Brian Seth Hurst and Leslie Ellis

--Hurst Has Authored a Book Entitled "W H O L E"
--Ellis Has Executive-Produced a Documentary Film Entitled "Bee People"

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Every so often, we like to cover what people in our industry do when they're not working on interactive/advanced television--and it just so happens that two high-profile figures in our space have recently completed interesting projects that we'd like to share with our readers.

Multiplatform interactive storytelling expert--and occasional [itvt] video columnist--Brian Seth Hurst has published an inspirational book, entitled "W H O L E."

While we haven't yet had a chance to read it properly (too busy working on TVOT NYC Intensive right now), we were able to skim through it the other day, and it looks like a great read--heartfelt, funny, engaging and inspiring.

Here's Brian's blurb for the book:

"What do you do after life has handed you a wake-up call?
Author Brian Seth Hurst experienced a significant professional setback, but, rather than 'soldier on,' he recognized it as a profound opportunity to acknowledge a deeper foundation at work in his life. It is the affirmation that there is sheer power in what one believes, and, for better or worse, those beliefs are the foundation for the reality we create.
The question of 'Why?' began a thirty-day inquiry and adventure for Hurst into the unknown. The result is the book W H O L E--a collection of powerful essays that examine how beliefs serve, or do not serve, us in our lives, how those beliefs can be transformed to change our circumstances, and the power of the ultimate connection to Source.
What do you do after life has handed you a wake-up call? If you decide to remain awake, then you begin looking at your life. W H O L E is your companion as you review the past, balance all areas of your life, and begin to create anew.
W H O L E prompts a very personal, progressive, and conscious examination of concepts and belief systems in every area of your life, ranging from relationships, work and time, to money, the environment, morality and your purpose. It asks provocative and thoughtful questions that lead to understanding.
How do your reconcile everything that has happened and is happening in your life with the one you truly want? The good and the bad, the joy and the hurt, the wins and the losses--all those parts form the experience of your life and your identity. Yet, you are much greater than the sum of all those parts.
W H O L E allows you to make sense of the pieces of your life as part of the greater being that is You.
W H O L E presents you with the opportunity to reconcile the past, arrive wholly connected in the present, and create your future.
W H O L E literally answers the question, 'What was I thinking?'
To know 'whole' in the duality of your reality, you must know broken.

To know broken is to recognize that you are, always have been, and always will be WHOLE."

W H O L E costs $9.99 and is available in any format that suits your e-reader device.
To download a sample or purchase, visit:
--CreateSpace (printed copy for $12.99)



Meanwhile, Leslie Ellis, who writes the popular "Translation Please" column for Multichannel News--and who also happens to be a beekeeper--has executive-produced a documentary film, entitled "Bee People." Here's the blurb for the film:

"Bee People is a groundbreaking film that takes movie goers inside the world of bees--and the people who keep them . Shot on location in Colorado, New York City, and New Jersey, 'Bee People' is not just a documentary--it's an adventure!

The film begins with a look at the disturbing news associated with Colony Collapse Disorder: Bees are disappearing at alarming numbers. A vital partner in the creation of fully one-third of our food supply, bees have provided sustainability on earth for nearly 80 million years. Commercial beekeepers have been losing as much as 65% of their honeybee colonies, since 2006--and while one person with 600 hives can't easily stem the losses, 600 people with a hive apiece may be better suited to help restore healthy colonies of bees.

'In America right now, we have approximately three million beehives lost to retiring beekeepers. That's one reason why I feel it's so important that we reach the younger generation by coming into these school systems and talking to the children about the importance of honeybees, pollination and hopefully in the future, they'll become beekeepers," says Gregg McMahan, owner of Rocky Mountain Bee Removal, Relocation and Education out in Suburban Denver, CO. One part rock-star, one part bee evangelist known as 'The Bee Guru,' McMahan is the most passionate member of the Bee People community you're ever likely to meet. Once he hooks you with his mesmerizing dissertations of all things bees, you're going to catch 'The Bee Fever' as the guru likes to call it.

Gregg leads a cast of amazing people who are doing their part to rescue the future of sustainability, including Tate, an 11 year old beekeeper; and Mike Gallagher, 'The Bee Medic,' who is an insurance executive by day, and a beekeeper (and California Quail keeper) by weekend. Together they rescue a feral hive from Susan--whose barn has become a home to some wayward bees. A first-year beekeeper herself, Susan had no idea that she already had a mega-hive hiding in her own backyard.

In an intense sequence, The Bee Guru, his partner Billy Bee, and The Bee Medic remove the wild girls from their makeshift hive and collect them into a chamber. But not before recovering 20 pounds of pure honey from the walls of the barn! The Bee Medic takes them to his property where The Bee Guru conducts a legendary hive marriage for one of Mike's hives--the numbers of which had plummeted. This suspenseful scene will have viewers on the edge of their seats as the evicted feral hive from the barn--who are 'mad as all get out' (as the guru puts it)--are married to the medic's hive. Chaos, intensity and madness are just part of the fun! The Bee Guru shows us why he's one part Elvis, one part Jack Nicholson and 1000% Extreme Beekeeper!

Later we spend time with Tate, an amazing eleven-year-old beekeeper who takes us on a hive inspection. Then the Guru brings a hive to an allergic baker--who was sent out of the Marines because one bee sting could kill him. But the kind baker loves the bees and wants to do his part--despite the danger to him. 'I like to live on the edge,' he quips!

But the fun really picks up when The Bee Guru is flown to conduct two adventures with NYPD's famous Bee Cop, Tony 'Bees' Planakis. These two icons of the honeybee world--long admirers of each other--are brought together for the first time for a most unusual bee removal in Queens, and a glorious honey extraction in Rego Park.

These are just but a few of many adventures in the fun-filled movie, 'Bee People.' The film also features renowned author Dr. Larry Connor ('Bee Sex Essentials' and 'Queen Rearing Essentials'), Mary Kosenski, a queen expert herself, and Leslie Ellis (who is also the executive producer of the film), a second-year beekeeper and compatriot of the Guru--who has two hives of her own and a passion for bees."

More information on "Bee People" is available on the film's IMDb page and Web site.

Leslie will be hosting an invite-only screening of "Bee People" on Friday November 16th, at the Cable Center in Denver.

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