[itvt] Community: Interactive-TV Industry Figure, Ashley Swartz, Organizing Thanksgiving Dinner for Hurricane Sandy Victims in Staten Island and Queens

--Volunteers and Donations Needed

High-profile interactive-TV industry figure, Ashley Swartz (note: she'll be appearing on The iTV Doctor's panel on The Second Screen and Content at TVOT NYC Intensive), is organizing an event called "Staten Island and Queens Thanksgiving 2012," that will attempt to provide 1,000 victims of Hurricane Sandy with a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you're in the New York City area, Ashley needs volunteers for the event; and if you live elsewhere, you can still help by making a donation.

More information on how to volunteer or donate can be found on Ashley's [itvt] blog.


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Hi Ashley, I hope you and

Hi Ashley,

I hope you and your family have regained services and have some comfort in the aftermath of this devastating event. THANK YOU ASHLEY for leading this most heartfelt initiative for those displaced and unsettled. What a beautiful and thoughtful undertaking!
Just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated (as they always are in the iTV community). All the best, and have a comforting and Happy Thanksgiving...see you at TVOT Intensive in NYC in Dec! - Scott Wallace