Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC Intensive 2012

[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for our third annual TVOT NYC Intensive (Monday, December 10th, at 730 Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan).

A PDF version can be downloaded here.  A PDF version of the schedule as a grid can be downloaded here.

TVOT NYC Intensive packs all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show into a highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day event. As the last major television-industry gathering before the holidays, it also represents your last best chance to network and do business with your industry peers in 2012!

Tickets to the event (priced at $1,075) are still available for purchase here. We advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.

Please note that:

  • The official Twitter hashtag of the show is #TVOTNYC, and the official Twitter account is @TVOTshow.
  • We will be announcing the full schedule of sessions for TVOT NYC Intensive's Workshop Track in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter.
  • The IAB will be collocating a special IAB Town Hall event at TVOT NYC Intensive. We will be announcing more details in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter.




Registration and Breakfast


Opening Address and TVOT13 Launch

Opening remarks by [itvt] Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, will be followed by the official launch of the seventh annual TV of Tomorrow Show, which will take place next spring in San Francisco. TVOT founding sponsor, Sam Pemberton, CEO of Softel, will join Swedlow on stage for the TVOT13 launch.


Tcommerce Newsmakers

This session will include a special presentation on tcommerce by PayPal, as well as news announcements (currently under embargo) from two other high-profile companies in the tcommerce space.


Tcommerce on the Cusp

This session will a) explore why there is currently so much interest in tcommerce on the part of so many diverse types of companies, including pay-TV operators, consumer electronics manufacturers, second-screen application developers, broadcasters/networks, payment processing providers, and retailers; b) assess how audiences have been responding to tcommerce opportunities to date; and c) attempt to predict how the tcommerce space is likely to evolve over the coming months.

Among other things, panelists will detail the lessons learned from recent tcommerce deployments; identify best practices for presenting and marketing tcommerce opportunities to the consumer; discuss the current status of, and the future roadmap for, the backend technological infrastructure that enables tcommerce; explore the ways in which tcommerce has the potential to generate new revenue models for the television and advertising industries; identify the challenges that still need to be overcome for tcommerce to become more widely deployed; and explain how their companies are working to overcome those challenges. Panelists include:

  • Chris Gorell-Barnes, CEO, Adjust Your Set
  • Steve Callanan, CEO, WireWAX
  • Tom Engdahl, CEO, Magic Ruby
  • Pat Ivers, EVP, Delivery Agent/The Band
  • Mark Wenger, Director of Product Management, PayPal (moderator)


Union Square
Measuring the Multiplatform Viewer: Challenges and Solutions

This two-part session will explore the need for new measurement technologies and strategies that can keep pace with changes in consumer viewing habits and media marketplaces.

Panelists in the first half ("Challenges") of the session will explore the challenges faced by media buyers, publishers of advertising-supported online and mobile video, and other stakeholders in the advanced-TV and advertising ecosystems, in their efforts to measure the effectiveness of advertising on non-traditional video platforms. They will also attempt to identify the ways in which a lack of effective measurement tools has hindered the development of these new platforms. The panelists will work together to articulate a series of hard questions that will then be posed to the second panel.

Panelists in the second half ("Solutions") of the session will be drawn from companies that are attempting to solve the measurement challenges identified by the first panel. The panelists will respond to the questions raised by the first panel, describing their companies' measurement strategies--but also attempting to answer the broader question of how the measurement marketplace is evolving in light of the issues raised by the first panel.

Panelists for Part I ("Challenges") include:

  • Mike Bologna, Director of Emerging Communications, GroupM
  • Tim Hanlon, CEO, The Vertere Group (moderator)
  • Jon Mandel, President and CEO, PrecisionDemand
  • Stacey Lynn Schulman, Chief Research Officer, TVB
  • Dan Suratt, EVP of Digital Media and Business Development, A+E Networks

Panelists for Part II ("Solutions") include:

  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Bill Feininger, SVP of Media Measurement, FourthWall Media
  • Joan FitzGerald, VP of TV and Cross-Media Solutions, comScore (moderator)
  • Cathy Hetzel, President, Rentrak
  • Harvey Kent, Chief Media Strategist, Mediaocean
  • George Shababb, President, Kantar Media Audiences North America


Audiences Are Active: The Ever-Evolving Relationship between Content, Advertiser and Audience

This session will focus on the relationship between TV/video advertising and audiences--both where that relationship stands today and how it is likely to evolve. Topics to be addressed include how audiences are responding to interactive TV/video advertising that allows them to become more than passive consumers of marketing messages; how advertisers are drawing on data generated by audiences' interactions with their ads, in order to learn more about those audiences; new technologies and strategies for developing and targeting audiences; why and how advertising campaigns are increasingly pursuing their audiences across multiple video platforms; how social media are impacting the relationship between audiences and advertising; and whether audience behavior is radically changing with exposure to new TV/video technologies and platforms--or whether there are fundamental constants in place that will result in audience behavior remaining more or less consistent regardless of technological and cultural shifts. Panelists include:

  • Tal Chalozin, CTO, Innovid
  • Rich Greenfield, Managing Director, Media Analyst, BTIG
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (moderator)
  • Rick Mandler, VP of Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Digital Media Group
  • Chase Norlin, CEO, Alphabird
  • Chip Scully, VP of Online Video, Extreme Reach
  • Zane Vella, CEO, Watchwith


Union Square
The Top 10 Things We Learned from the 2012 Olympics

This session will feature a) representatives of companies that were responsible for bringing the 2012 Olympics to interactive/multiplatform TV platforms, b) sports-programming executives who were following these efforts closely and who will discuss whether and how interactive/multiplatform coverage of the 2012 Olympics is likely to influence their own work going forward, and c) a prominent expert on consumer behavior, who will use the session to unveil original research into the audience reception of interactive/multiplatform coverage of the Games.

Moderated by Clayton Banks, Executive Producer of Ember Media, the panel will follow his dynamic "Top 10" format (which has proved highly successful at previous TVOT shows), and will see panelists working together with the audience to identify and rank the most important lessons that can be gleaned from what was, by many accounts, a seminal event for the TV industry. Panelists include:

  • Clayton Banks, Executive Producer, Ember Media (moderator)
  • Sam Blackman, CEO, Elemental Technologies
  • David Cohn, Head of TV Partnerships, Shazam
  • Sarah Pearson, Managing Partner, Actual Customer Behaviour
  • Pete Scott, VP of Emerging Media, Turner Sports
  • Aaron Scullion, Executive Product Manager, BBC Future Media


Viaccess-Orca Recommendations Workshop: Tune-Up Your Engines Here!

Any good race car driver knows that, for an engine to run smoothly, you need to have a good mechanic and regular tune-ups. Join Viaccess-Orca for an under-the-hood look at the pursuit of discovery excellence. In light of the mystique that surrounds algorithms and recommendation engines, this workshop will review a number of straightforward ways to get your engines (and your subscribers) humming. It will also look at:

--How to achieve 25% improvement in user satisfaction in 8 weeks.
--How to get personal quickly without historic data.
--How much you need to know in order to recommend well.
--And...which movie you should never recommend to the wrong people.


  • Sefy Ariely, EVP Americas, Viaccess-Orca
  • Philippe Steinmetz, Director of Home and Content, Orange (France Telecom)


Schmoozing and Networking Break

Special Presentation and Q&A: Xbox SmartGlass as a Platform for
Second-Screen Interactive TV

Earlier this fall, Microsoft released Xbox SmartGlass, a technology that
enables smartphones and tablets to communicate with the television via the
Xbox 360 games console. In this special presentation, Microsoft Software
Engineer, Mark Budash, and Microsoft Media Strategy Advisor, Gerard Kunkel,
will explain how Microsoft believes SmartGlass will become an important
platform for second-screen interactive TV, demonstrate new SmartGlass
experiences set to come to market this holiday season, discuss Microsoft's
long-term plans for the technology, and engage in a wide-ranging Q&A
session with TVOT NYC Intensive attendees.

  • Mark Budash, Engineering Director, Microsoft
  • Gerard Kunkel, Microsoft Media Strategy Advisor

Union Square
Special Presentation and Q&A by zeebox Founder and CTO, Anthony Rose

We will be announcing more details about this presentation in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter.

Special Presentation: Good@What? Assessing New Models for TV Advertising

As anyone who follows the space will be aware, the television advertising industry is moving away from a "one-size-fits-all" paradigm, and embracing a future where advertisers have at their disposal countless advertising models across multiple platforms. However, with so many new models to choose from, how can advertisers know which forms of advanced advertising will prove most effective for what kinds of campaigns and products, and which are likely to fall short?

In this special presentation, Dr. Duane Varan, Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the Disney Media & Advertising Lab, and Professor and Executive Director of the Audience Research Labs at Murdoch University, will share results from a range of lab-based studies exploring the utility of today's new advertising models. The goal of the presentation will be to clarify which advanced-advertising model appears to be the best fit for which set of marketing objectives. Models to be explored include RFI, telescopic, addressable, second-screen, connected-TV and social-TV advertising, among others.

Beyond the Screen: Envisioning the TV UX of Tomorrow

This "show-and-tell" session--co-moderated by [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, and four-time Emmy-winning television-experience designer, Dale Herigstad--will examine from a television-design perspective the potential impact of new technologies that call into question our traditional notions of the screen, as well as technologies that "go beyond" the screen, such as augmented reality, 3D, gestural and voice control, advanced digital audio, and more. Panelists will debate the extent to which these new technologies promise to upend traditional notions of television design and fundamentally transform the nature of the television user experience. They will also explore the ways in which designers and other creatives can incorporate them into their visions as they become more widespread over the coming months and years. Panelists include:

  • Giles Baker, SVP, Broadcast Business Group, Dolby Labs
  • Eric Gould Bear, CEO, MonkeyMedia
  • Dr. Pete Bocko, CTO, Corning
  • Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer, POSSIBLE(co-moderator)
  • Greg Rivera, Regional Director, Xbox Advertising Sales, Microsoft
  • Arlo Rose, VP of Dragon TV, Nuance
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (co-moderator)


Union Square
Second-Screen Content: Have We Created a Monster?

With new second-screen providers and apps coming online seemingly almost every day, the need for unique and original second-screen content is growing exponentially: Most second-screen providers are enhancing over 100 television channels, and they need to provide some kind of complementary content for each and every program. That literally means that they must generate more than 2,400 hours of content each day, every day--and that's only for one provider!

This session--moderated by [itvt] columnist Rick Howe, the iTV Doctor--will explore the process of creating unique second-screen content, and examine the issues to which this new form of content gives rise. Among other issues, panelists will attempt to ascertain whether anybody can actually measure who is using second-screen content; explore whether there is a business model that can support the second-screen content business as currently defined; examine the ways in which the rise of second-screen content presents risks and challenges for programmers and advertisers; and attempt to forecast whether and how the second-screen content business needs to adapt in order to survive. Panelists include:

  • Kevin Arrix, Chief Revenue Officer, Viggle
  • David Cohn, Head of TV Partnerships, Shazam
  • Meghann Sills Elhroul, VP Client Services and Analytics, Trendrr
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (moderator)
  • Stacy Jolna, CMO, ConnecTV
  • Anthony Rose, CTO, zeebox
  • Ashley Swartz, Principal, Furious Minds
  • Prakash Venkataraman, Head of Business Operations, Miso


Ensequence Workshop: The New TV Experience--More Engagement. Less Effort. Reach Millions

The results are in...the right advanced-TV products provide multiple benefits for programmers and operators. Dramatic technological progress, combined with shifting consumer preferences, provides more opportunities than ever for key players in the television ecosystem to drive engagement and capture value. Advanced programming products create deeper engagement with viewers, resulting in increased time spent viewing and higher ratings for programmers. And advanced advertising products--embedded in programming--can drive new ad revenue for both programmers and operators. In a recent example of the potency of advanced-TV products, Ensequence partnered with Verizon FiOS TV during the London Olympics to deploy a one-screen application providing athlete bios, video highlights and fun facts for FiOS viewers. The results provided strong proof that one-screen interactivity can:

--Drive opt-in rates of 39%
--Inspire 60% of viewers to repeat usage
--Engage viewers for over 2 minutes per session.

The New TV Experience is a master-class intensive workshop, exploring how television programmers can more easily produce and launch great, branded, breakthrough TV experiences across traditional cable and connected TV's...with less effort than ever. Hear from leading programmers, cable operators and TV manufacturers about their approach to the market. And learn how Ensequence's advanced-TV products and turnkey solutions make it simple for programmers to build engagement and ratings, and for operators to enhance customers' viewing experiences--driving both national and local ad revenue. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to leverage the power of these new products, seamlessly distribute them to millions of viewers, and provide value to these viewers as well as to advertisers. Panelists include:

  • Brad Dancer, SVP of Audience and Business Development, National Geographic Channels
  • Kirk Dulaney, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, Sony Electronics
  • Mike Ortman, VP of Content Strategy and Operations, Comcast Cable
  • Aslam Khader, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Ensequence
  • Andy Addis, SVP of Business Development--Service Providers, Ensequence (moderator)


Lunch, Sponsored by Trailer Park

Hard Questions: Are Advanced-TV Advertising Platforms Addressing the Needs of Brands?

This session, which features panelists representing a range of companies developing advanced‐advertising solutions, will raise and explore the various challenges preventing second‐screen, connected‐TV and other forms of advanced/interactive‐TV advertising from attracting larger budgets and becoming more widely deployed; it will also attempt to identify the various ways in which these new forms of advertising have the potential to solve pressing problems faced by the advertising industry (accountability, actionable data, etc.). Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, Executive Director of Marketing, Media Behavior Institute (co-moderator)
  • Dean Donaldson, Global Director of Media Innovation, DG/MediaMind
  • Christie Hartbarger, VP of Connected Devices, YuMe
  • Peter Low, President and CEO, Ensequence
  • Ashley Swartz, Principal, Furious Minds (co-moderator)
  • Farhad Massoudi, CEO, adRise
  • Jeff Siegel, SVP of Global Media Sales, Rovi
  • Seth Tapper, CEO, SecondScreen Networks


Union Square
TV's New Gateway? How the Second Screen Is Changing our Relationship with Television

This session will explore the extent to which second-screen platforms--and the online communities that are at their core--are becoming the gateways through which audiences access their television experience, and will attempt to assess the implications of this phenomenon. Among other things, panelists will examine how--and how well--second-screen social-TV platforms are providing audiences with programming guidance and discovery; how effective these platforms are proving as a vehicle for advertising and other forms of monetization; how the need to take social-TV communities--and the personalization they enable--into account is influencing designers' thinking about the television user interface and user experience; and how the emergence of the second-screen social-TV platform as an alternative to the EPG might impact consumers' relationship with their pay-TV service, as well as their consumption of OTT and longtail content going forward. Panelists include:

  • Barry Frey, Former EVP of Advanced Platform Sales, Cablevision (moderator)
  • Alex Iskold, CEO, GetGlue
  • Gunter Kalogridis, Director of Product Development, Tribune Media Services
  • Stephanie Otto, CEO, Brainstorm Communications
  • Brad Pelo, CEO, i.TV
  • Randy Shiozaki, Co-Founder, TVplus
  • Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit/NextGuide


Workshop: Syfy Digital Presents: Syfy Sync

This exclusive TVOT workshop will focus on the who, what, how and why of Syfy Sync, the Syfy Network's new sync-to-broadcast feature available in the Syfy iPad and Android tablet app. Get the inside view of how Syfy Sync was conceived and developed and the technologies and partners involved in bringing it to market. This workshop will deliver the facts straight from the Syfy Digital creative and production teams about what it takes to regularly create, deploy and monetize the next generation of interactive television on the second screen. Presenters include:

  • Matthew Chiavelli, VP of Emerging Platforms, Syfy Digital
  • Doug Clarke, Director of Platform Integration, Watchwith
  • Matt Romano, Manager of Emerging Platforms, Syfy Digital

Getting in Sync: What's Next for Second-Screen Technology?

This session will assess recent developments impacting the technological infrastructure of second-screen interactive and social TV, and examine how second-screen technology--and the second-screen technology business--are likely to evolve going forward.

Panelists will explore such topics as how well technology platforms have been performing as second-screen interactivity becomes more widely deployed; the kinds of partnerships that second-screen technology providers are building with programmers, app developers and other parties; whether second-screen advertising will become a standard element of linear-TV buys, and, if so, how second-screen technology platforms are anticipating this; the relationship between automatic content recognition (ACR) and set-top sync; the relative merits of video- and audio-based ACR; whether there is a need for more standardization in the second-screen space; and more. Panelists include:

  • Dan Eakins, CEO, Zeitera
  • James Field, Director of Technology, Cisco
  • Jay Friedman, VP of Marketing, Audible Magic
  • Harris Larney, GM, North America, Visiware
  • Sam Pemberton, CEO, Softel
  • Tobias Schmidt, CEO, Wywy
  • Pete Scott, VP of Emerging Media, Turner Sports (moderator)
  • Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution


Union Square
Smart Programming: The Growing Business of Connected-TV Content

This session will explore the emergence of non-traditional programming providers and aggregators that are delivering content line-ups--including, in some cases, extensive multichannel offerings, and large libraries of domestic and international titles--to IP-connected devices such as connected TV's, OTT set-top boxes and tablets. Panelists will examine the business processes and deals whereby these line-ups are aggregated and distributed, and the backend infrastructure issues that need to be resolved in order to enable their distribution. Among other things, they will attempt to answer such questions as how rights issues are resolved, how deals with CE platforms are made and structured, how non-traditional programming offerings and services are marketed to the consumer, and how they are monetized. Panelists include:

  • Frank Besteiro, Head of Business Development, AOL Video
  • Matt Durgin, Director of Smart-TV Content, LG Electronics
  • Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, Director of Interactive Video Services, Verizon FiOS TV
  • Kevin Nelson, SVP/Group Planning Director, McCann Erickson
  • Stuart Lipson, Principal, Leap Media Group (moderator)
  • Tara Maitra, GM of Content and Media Sales, TiVo
  • Tom Morgan, CEO, Net2TV
  • Eli Weisman, VP of Interactive TV, Trailer Park


Digitalsmiths Workshop: Using Big Data to Enable Personalized Search, Recommendations and Browsing

Today's pay-TV subscribers have approximately 20,000 linear titles and over 80,000 VOD titles available to them over any given 30-day period. To deliver personalized search, recommendations and browsing experiences that will help their subscribers navigate this mountain of content, service providers must first address the data-integrity issues associated with the growing volume, velocity and variety of big data.

This session will discuss the relationship between big data and personalized search, recommendations and browsing experiences, and cover the technology requirements for aggregating, normalizing and leveraging disparate data sources in real time. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of not only how to manage big data, but also how to harness it to personalize the discovery experience in ways that drive
revenue. Presenter:

  • Ben Weinberger, CEO, Digitalsmiths


Schmoozing and Networking Break

Connected-TV Apps: A New Medium?

This session will explore how programming content--including "TV Everywhere" content and longtail content--is being given new life on connected-TV and tablet platforms via the apps through which it is presented to the consumer. Panelists will attempt to identify the app designs and user experiences that are proving most effective at delivering and enhancing content on connected platforms, examine how these apps are incorporating social-TV capabilities, how they are being presented and marketed to the consumer, how they are giving rise to new monetization opportunities via advertising and tcommerce, and more. The ultimate goal of the panel will be to explore the potential of the app to emerge as a television medium in itself. Panelists include:

  • Lawrence Brickman, VP of Application Solutions, Accedo
  • Tom Cape, CEO, Capablue
  • Rich Foster, Creative Director, A Different Engine
  • Mike Kelley, SVP of Business Development, Programming and Advertising, Ensequence
  • Scott Maddux, GM of the AWE Division, Bottle Rocket
  • Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing, Yahoo! Connected TV
  • Evan Silverman, SVP of Digital Media, A+E Networks
  • Jonathan Weitz, Partner, IBB Consulting Group (moderator)


Union Square
Content-Discovery Showdown

This session brings together representatives of some of the leading companies in the TV/video content-discovery space, who will engage in a spirited and lively debate over the merits of their respective approaches to this increasingly important--and highly competitive--field.

Drawing on the real-world lessons they have learned from their most recent deployments in North America and Europe, the panelists will explain what they believe differentiates their respective platforms; attempt to elucidate the algorithms--and the art--that underlie the science of content discovery, recommendations and personalization; outline how they are responding to social media, the revitalization of longtail content, and other emerging phenomena affecting the television space; and identify the factors they feel will have the most impact on their industry going forward. Panelists include:

  • Haggai Barel, Deputy CEO, Viaccess-Orca
  • Steve Donohue, Editor, Fierce Cable (moderator)
  • Richard Dowling, VP of Product Services, ThinkAnalytics
  • Yosi Glick, CEO, Jinni
  • Craig Smithpeters, Executive Director of Strategic Architecture, Cox
  • Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit/NextGuide
  • Ben Weinberger, CEO, Digitalsmiths


Media/Tech Investment Trends for 2013

Join this timely discussion with three experienced panelists from the VC and investor community as they unpack the "Who, What, Why, When, and Where" of the marketplace for start-ups in the media and technology sectors.

With some of the most talked-about investments in the media space (e.g., Bluefin Labs, Aereo, OnLive, GetGlue, Visible World, Flingo and CalmSea, among others), the panelists know the market today, and are betting on where it's going in the future. What tech and investment trends for 2013 are driving the decisions they are making right now? What criteria and methodologies do they use in deciding what categories and companies will get their money? How is the investment market evolving for both start-ups seeking funding and those who are investing? How do investment trends like the emergence of AngelList, equity crowdfunding, and accelerators impact the decisions they make, and the advice they provide to companies seeking support to bring their products to market? Panelists include:

  • Nick DeMartino, Principal, Nick DeMartino Consulting (moderator)
  • Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners
  • Scott Levine, Managing Director, Time Warner Investments
  • Anne-Marie Roussel, Executive-in-Residence, Illuminate Ventures


ACR Enabling TV 2.0: Will the Smart TV Finally Come into its Own?

It's odd if you think about it. How can it be that the biggest and most important screen is actually the last to come of digital age? Strange but true. Smart TV's have, until recently, been unable to apply their smarts during traditional TV viewing because they are blind to the content they are displaying. Automatic content recognition (ACR) applied to smart TV's makes them content-aware and enables the broad and constructive application of the TV's smart tech to the core TV product.

This session--moderated by [itvt] columnist and ACR expert Michael Collette--will provide an update on the status and growth expectations for this emerging marketplace. Explore how ACR-enabled single-screen apps on connected TV are being used, for example, by national cable networks to deliver rich interactive TV experiences, by local broadcast stations to enhance their news coverage, and by local and national advertisers to deliver personalized marketing messages to targeted audiences. Is the ACR-enable smart TV starting a shift in the core medium of television? And if so, how fast will it happen and who will be the winners and losers? Judge for yourself. Panelists include:

  • Michael Collette, CEO, TVIS (moderator)
  • Kirk Dulaney, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, Sony Electronics
  • Paul Gray, Director of TV Electronics Research, DisplaySearch
  • Roger Keating, Senior Vice President, Hearst Television
  • Claudio Marcus, EVP of Marketing and Research, Visible World
  • David Preisman, VP of Interactive TV, Showtime
  • Wendell Wenjen, Director of Strategic Alliances, LG Electronics

Agent Provocateur: Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing, Yahoo! Connected TV


Union Square
Envisioning the Cable of Tomorrow

This session will explore the future of the cable platform, business and user experience. Panelists will discuss such topics as the transition to IP; the development of the Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP); the incorporation of connected TV and other consumer electronics platforms into the cable ecosystem; multiplatform in-home and "TV Everywhere" streaming; cloud-based services and user interfaces; personalization technologies; the future of cable user-interface design; new platforms that bring "TV Everywhere" to cable subscribers--with or without the consent of their cable operator; how cable plans to extend its reach beyond the home and beyond the screen; and more. Panelists include:

  • Alix Cottrell, Group VP, Time Warner Cable TV
  • Don Dulchinos, SVP of Advertising and Advanced Services, CableLabs
  • Olivier Lacour, VP of Design, Cisco
  • Cliff Mercer, SVP of Engineering, ActiveVideo
  • Arthur Orduna, Chief Innovation Officer, ADT (moderator)
  • Sam Vasisht, CMO, Veveo

Agent Provocateur: Anand Subramanian, CEO, NimbleTV


Everything You Need to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask, about Why Some Brands Embrace Interactive TV and Others Don't

This session will feature a panel of agencies and other industry players that have conceived, developed and executed interactive TV advertising campaigns (including both single- and second/multi-screen campaigns) for high-profile brands.

In addition to imparting practical wisdom on how to launch and manage a successful ITV campaign from beginning to end, panelists will attempt to determine how effective ITV advertising is proving in the real world; discuss the challenges and pitfalls commonly faced by ITV ad campaigns; and identify what now needs to happen in order for ITV advertising to become more widely deployed.

Questions to be addressed include: How is the decision to use interactive TV advertising being made at agencies and brands--who is typically driving the decision and what considerations, budgetary and otherwise, are they taking into account? Why have certain brands and agencies embraced ITV advertising much more readily than others? What kinds of capabilities are brands and agencies looking for in interactive TV? What kinds of ideas for ITV ad campaigns make advertisers sit up and take notice? And how, if ITV advertising is indeed proving effective, should the various industry stakeholders a) work to improve the technological infrastructure that makes it possible, and b) more effectively evangelize it to recalcitrant brands and agencies? Panelists include:

  • Mike Manion, VP of Account Leadership, Integer Group
  • Kathy Newberger, Director of Brand Engagement, EngageTV (moderator)
  • Larry Samuels, Senior Partner/Director of Advanced Television, GroupM
  • Tina Tison, Managing Director, Media Storm


Will Rich, Interactive Media Transform Television?

This "show-and-tell" session will feature demos of rich, multifaceted, interactive platforms and services that suggest immersive new forms of content, marketing and monetization, as well as new kinds of relationships between the programmer, the marketer and the audience.

Following each demo, a panel of broadcast/network and pay-TV executives at the forefront of implementing interactive TV experiences will provide feedback on what they have just seen, explore its potential to enable new forms of televisual content and marketing, and discuss whether it can transform the business and experience of television as we know it today.

Interactive Platform and Service Providers:

  • Yoni Bloch, CEO, Interlude
  • Tracy Evans, COO, Theatrics
  • Jeff Fluhr, CEO, Spreecast
  • Jury Hahn, CEO, MegaPhone Labs

Broadcaster/Network and Pay-TV Executives:

  • Channing Dawson, Senior Advisor, Scripps Networks
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital Media, Bravo
  • Adam Lowy, GM of Interactive TV, DISH Network
  • Jonathan Mallow, VP, Shows, Events and Ad Sales Production, VH1 Digital


  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt]



Union Square
An Old Dog Learns New Tricks: The Evolution of Cable Advertising

This session will aim to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of cable's advanced-advertising strategy. Panelists will explore how cable advertising is adapting to new developments in the television space, such as multiplatform distribution and second-screen interactivity; and how it is working with its vendors and industry organizations in order to implement new advertising technologies of its own, such as dynamic ad insertion for VOD, addressable/targeted advertising, and the new Event Signaling and Messaging (ESAM) standard, which enables dynamic ad insertion in "TV Everywhere"/multiscreen environments. Panelists include:

  • Matt Bayer, Associate Director of Video Activation and Emerging Media Platforms, Carat
  • Chris Falkner, VP of Advanced Advertising, NBCUniversal
  • Chris Faw, SVP of Operations, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing, Canoe Ventures (moderator)
  • Nick Troiano, President, BlackArrow

Enabling Interoperability: New Developments in Advanced-TV Standards

This session will see representatives of a number of key industry organizations examining the current status of their efforts to promote standards and interoperability in the advanced-TV space, and outlining the ways in which they plan to further those efforts going forward. Panelists will discuss interoperability and standardization efforts in such areas as OTT, IPTV, hybrid TV, connected TV, home networks, and more. Panelists include:

  • Olivier Carmona, Director of Technical Marketing, AwoX (DLNA)
  • Dr. Rich Chernock, Chief Science Officer, Triveni Digital (ATSC)
  • John Couling, VP of Marketing Products and Platforms, Dolby Labs (HbbTV Consortium)
  • Dr. Nilo Mitra, President, Open IPTV Forum (moderator)
  • So Vang, VP of Video Technology, CableLabs


Xstream Workshop and Demo: How to Launch a Customized, Off-the-Shelf, End-to-End OTT TV Service

This workshop will provide an overview of Xstream's online video platform, which offers the most complete, customized, off-the-shelf, end-to-end online video solution, enabling clients to create, differentiate and scale their  TV Everywhere and OTT TV services.

Among other things, the platform features:

  • An Ingest Module that provides a faster time-to-market for content, and offers automated quality control, encoding, DRM, and cost savings by reducing manual efforts. Because it is a standalone module, it can be implemented with other online video platforms.
  • A built-in Shop and Payment Module that allows content-owners to easily create their own business models--such as TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, etc.--right out of the box. This enables clients to immediately monetize their OTT and TV Everywhere investments.
  • A Smart TV White Label Solution, a "one- app-fits-all" solution, allowing rapid time-to-market on key connected devices such as connected TV's, game consoles and set-top boxes.


  • Russell Foy, VP of Sales, Americas, Xstream


Atrium and Beyond
Cocktail Party, Sponsored by Extreme Reach

North America