Ensequence to Present TVOT NYC Intensive Workshop on "The New TV Experience"

--Workshop Features Executives from Sony, Comcast and National Geographic

[itvt] is pleased to announce that Ensequence (which has just signed a major connected-TV deal with Sony) will present a workshop at TVOT NYC Intensive on how television programmers can more easily produce and launch branded, interactive-TV experiences across traditional cable and connected TV's (note: to view the updated TVOT Schedule of Sessions, click here; and to purchase tickets to the show, click here). In addition to Ensequence, the workshop features high-profile executives from Sony, Comcast and National Geographic.

Ensequence Workshop: The New TV Experience--More Engagement. Less Effort. Reach Millions

The results are in...the right advanced-TV products provide multiple benefits for programmers and operators. Dramatic technological progress, combined with shifting consumer preferences, provides more opportunities than ever for key players in the television ecosystem to drive engagement and capture value. Advanced programming products create deeper engagement with viewers, resulting in increased time spent viewing and higher ratings for programmers. And advanced advertising products--embedded in programming--can drive new ad revenue for both programmers and operators. In a recent example of the potency of advanced-TV products, Ensequence partnered with Verizon FiOS TV during the London Olympics to deploy a one-screen application providing athlete bios, video highlights and fun facts for FiOS viewers. The results provided strong proof that one-screen interactivity can:

--Drive opt-in rates of 39%

--Inspire 60% of viewers to repeat usage

--Engage viewers for over 2 minutes per session.

The New TV Experience is a master-class intensive workshop, exploring how television programmers can more easily produce and launch great, branded, breakthrough TV experiences across traditional cable and connected TV's...with less effort than ever. Hear from leading programmers, cable operators and TV manufacturers about their approach to the market. And learn how Ensequence's advanced-TV products and turnkey solutions make it simple for programmers to build engagement and ratings, and for operators to enhance customers' viewing experiences--driving both national and local ad revenue. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to leverage the power of these new products, seamlessly distribute them to millions of viewers, and provide value to these viewers as well as to advertisers. Panelists include:

  • Brad Dancer, SVP of Audience and Business Development, National Geographic Channels
  • Kirk Dulaney, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, Sony Electronics
  • Mike Ortman, VP of Content Strategy and Operations, Comcast Cable
  • Aslam Khader, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Ensequence
  • Andy Addis, SVP of Business Development--Service Providers, Ensequence (moderator)
North America