Viaccess-Orca to Present TVOT NYC Intensive Workshop on Discovery and Recommendations

[itvt] is pleased to announce that Viaccess-Orca will present a workshop on content-discovery and recommendations at TVOT NYC Intensive (note: to view the updated TVOT Schedule of Sessions, click here; and to purchase tickets to the show, click here).

Viaccess-Orca Recommendations Workshop: Tune-Up Your Engines Here!

Any good race car driver knows that, for an engine to run smoothly, you need to have a good mechanic and regular tune-ups. Join Viaccess-Orca for an under-the-hood look at the pursuit of discovery excellence. In light of the mystique that surrounds algorithms and recommendation engines, this workshop will review a number of straightforward ways to get your engines (and your subscribers) humming. It will also look at:

--How to achieve 25% improvement in user satisfaction in 8 weeks.

--How to get personal quickly without historic data.

--How much you need to know in order to recommend well.

--And...which movie you should never recommend to the wrong people.



  • Sefy Ariely, EVP Americas, Viaccess-Orca
North America