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Director, Advisor, Entrepreneur
Herve Utheza
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<p>I try to excel at being a strategic, results oriented and hands-on executive. I have been involved with the launch and deployments of traditional and emerging software digital media platforms now used by more than 250<br />
million consumers worldwide.</p>
<p>I worked in pay television, broadcast, cable, TelcoTV and satellite service deployments, licensing and marketing solutions ranging from middleware platforms, online and web services to content metadata platforms and over the top / 2nd screen applications.</p>
<p>I currently advise start-ups, small to medium size companies in the fields of digital video, social eCommerce, content discovery and more. I bring my expertise to Private Equity funds, helping them shape financing and corporate transactions in the larger cap markets.</p>
<p>I am working on a few projects which have the potential to revolutionize media and social experiences for upwards of one billion people.</p>
<p>That&#39;s my goal and aspiration.</p>
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