ExtendMedia Adds New Members to its Advertising Partner Program

Multiscreen video software solutions provider, ExtendMedia (note: the company recently launched a product called OpenCASE Publisher, which it bills as designed to help cable, telco, satellite, mobile and other video service distributors take advantage of the growing momentum of the "TV Everywhere" distribution model, by providing a platform for them to quickly build and deploy multiscreen video offerings--see article published on, August 4th), said Tuesday that it has added several new members--including companies specializing in Web, TV and mobile ad insertion and monetization, as well as companies specializing in targeting, measure

Procter & Gamble to Use Augmented Reality to Make Print Advertising Interactive

Procter & Gamble has revealed plans to use augmented reality technology to make print ads for its Always Infinity brand of feminine pads interactive. What appears to be a prototype of the new ads (unless P&G has significantly scaled back its stated technological ambitions for the campaign--see the quote from the company below; [itvt] was unable to reach P&G to resolve the issue before we went to press) is available as a .PDF file at

Visible World, Google TV Ads in Targeted Advertising Partnership

New York-based targeted advertising specialist, Visible World (backers include Comcast Interactive Capital, Time Warner, Viacom and WPP) and Google TV Ads (offers an automated, auction-based system for buying advertising) announced Tuesday that they have formed a "working relationship" to deliver advanced TV advertising solutions. According to the companies, advertisers using the Google TV Ads platform (note: those advertisers include Priceline, Lenovo, and Jenny Craig) will now be able to dynamically customize and target their TV ads easily and efficiently through Visible World's automated system.

Advertising Agency, BooneOakley, Creates Interactive YouTube Video as its Main Web Site

--YouTube Officially Confirms 3D Experiment

Charlotte, NC-based advertising agency, BooneOakley, has used YouTube's Video Annotations feature (note: the Video Annotations feature allows users to enhance their videos with links to supplemental information, or to other videos; among other things, it can be used to create interactive video narratives, where viewers click to choose the next scene) to create an interactive video that serves as its main Web site.

Cox, Turner Announce Results of VOD Ad Exposure Trial Involving Cox's MyPrimetime Service

--Preserve Watermark for Nielsen C+3 Ratings, Claim 80%+ of Viewers OK with FF-Disabled VOD

Cox Communications, the US's third-largest cable MSO, and Time Warner-owned programming giant, Turner Broadcasting System, announced Wednesday that they had successfully measured advertising exposure in VOD content located within Cox's MyPrimetime On Demand service. In a trial effort, the companies say, Turner confirmed that timeshifted VOD viewing of its programs could be counted toward Nielsen C+3 ratings, a key industry measure that is designed to indicate how many viewers are exposed to commercials within three days of the original airing of the program with which those commercials are associated.

Cyprus-Based Telco, PrimeTel, Launches Interactive TV Advertising on its PrimeTV Platform

--Capability Based on Twister Platform, Co-Developed with Thunderworx

Cyprus-based telco, PrimeTel, announced last week that it has launched red-button interactive advertising functionality on its IPTV platform, PrimeTV. The service, which the company bills as enabling "advertising elements to be seamlessly integrated into [the] user interface," allows viewers to use their remotes to navigate a menu that allows them to, for example, access additional information on an advertised product, view product-related photos and video clips, locate the nearest store or showroom, request brochures or test drives (in the case of automobile commercials), and replay commercials.

BrightLine iTV Names Meg Meurer Brossy SVP of Business Development

Interactive TV advertising company, BrightLine iTV Marketing Specialists (note: for an in-depth overview of the company and the space in which it operates, see the interview with its founder and CEO, Jacqueline Corbelli, that was published on, May 26th), announced Monday that it has appointed Meg Meurer Brossy as SVP of business development.

New Interviews with Google TV Ads' Keval Desai and ThinkAnalytics' Eddie Young and Pete Docherty

--Plus BIAP's Chief Product Officer, Ellen Dudar, on Interactive TV Standards and HDTV

[itvt] has just published audio interviews with Keval Desai, director of product management at Google and head of the company's Google TV Ads operation; and with Eddie Young and Pete Docherty, CEO and CTO res

CableLabs Unveils Stewardship and Fulfillment Interfaces (SaFI) for Canoe

--Interfaces Are Key Component of US Cable Industry's Plans for Unified Advanced Advertising Platform

US cable-industry research, development and standardization organization, CableLabs, announced Wednesday the release of a new set of specifications, called the Stewardship and Fulfillment Interfaces (SaFI), which it says were created to further the development of advanced cable advertising and other interactive products, and which will be a key part of Project Canoe, the US cable-industry's initiative to create a national, cross-operator, unified platform for interactive and addressable advertising.

Microsoft, Publicis in Broad Agreement to Collaborate on Advanced Advertising

--Agreement Will See Publicis Using the Admira Platform of Microsoft-Subsidiary, Navic

Microsoft and advertising/communications giant, Publicis Groupe, last week announced a broad agreement to cooperate closely on three advertising-related "core objectives" that they say have been "enabled by the emergence of the digital media world." The "core objectives" center on content, performance and audience respectively.

Orduna: Canoe Ventures to Publish Interactive TV Ad Template and Interfaces Later This Summer

Canoe Ventures--the company that is tasked with implementing Project Canoe, the US cable industry's initiative to create a national unified platform for interactive and addressable advertising (it is backed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision and Bright House)--will later this summer publish a "template" to support an EBIF-based interactive TV advertising campaign that is slated to begin in the fourth quarter, Canoe Ventures CTO, Arthur Orduna, announced at Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen Video Strategies conference last week, according to a report by Jeff Baumgartner, editor of Light Reading's Cable Digital News.

Puerto Rican Cable Op, OneLink, to Deploy BIAP's Ad Widgets Interactive TV Advertising System

--BIAP Claims This Will Be First-Ever Deployment of EBIF-Based iAdvertising

Plano, Texas-based interactive TV software provider, BIAP (note: last year, the company--whose name is an acronym for Broadband Interactive Applications--secured a five-year license agreement for its ETV User Agent with Time Warner Cable--see [itvt] Issue 8.23 Part 2B), announced Wednesday that OneLink Communications, a cable operator serving the metropolitan area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, will launch the BIAP Ad Widgets Advertising System on its net

OpenTV, RGB Partner to Enable Standards-Based Real-Time Localization of Ads via Digital Overlays

--Arris Appoints OpenTV Vice Chairman, Jim Chiddix, to its Board of Directors

Interactive TV and advanced advertising technology provider, OpenTV, and network video processing specialist, RGB Networks, announced Monday that they have developed a demonstration that shows how cable operators can use a combination of the companies' standards-based advertising-related products to generate new revenues from their video-on-demand and linear programming.

Canoe Ventures Suspends Plans to Launch its Community Addressable Messaging Product

--Will Instead Focus its Efforts on EBIF-Based Interactive TV Advertising

Canoe Ventures--the company that is tasked with implementing Project Canoe, the US cable industry's initiative to create a national unified platform for interactive and addressable advertising (it is backed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision and Bright House)--has suspended its plans to launch what was to be its first product, the Community Addressable Messaging (CAM) system, according to a report Thursday by Todd Spangler in the US cable-industry trade publication, Multichannel News.

NBC Universal to Use Microsoft's Admira Marketplace to Plan and Sell National and Local Ad Inventory

--Microsoft Acquired Admira through its Purchase Last Year of Interactive TV Company, Navic

NBC Universal and Microsoft announced an "alliance," Thursday, that will see NBC Universal using Microsoft's Admira television media marketplace to plan and sell national and local broadcast and cable advertising inventory. Microsoft acquired Admira through its purchase, almost exactly a year ago, of interactive TV and advanced advertising technology provider, Navic, which still retains a separate corporate identity within the Microsoft organization.

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