Taboola's Video Recommendations Prove Effective for Revision3

Taboola, a New York-based provider of video recommendation engines, said Wednesday that Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming for distribution on the Web, mobiles, and TiVo and other connected-TV devices--has been using its EngageRank engagement-based video recommendation technology for the past month or so, with what Taboola describes as "extraordinary" results.

Video of Comic-Con Demo Provides Closer Look at Google TV

--Digg Founder, Kevin Rose, Argues that the Apple iTV "Will Change Everything"

The blog, StuffWeLike, has shot and published a video of a demonstration of the new Google TV platform--working in tandem with DISH Network's pay-TV service--that the search giant gave at Comic-Con in San Diego last month (note: for more on Google TV, see the article published on, May 24th). The demo showcases, among other things, the Android-based platform's Universal Search experience, its bookmarking feature, its integration of YouTube, and its Google Queue menu (which is notable for the way in which it appears to make podcasts seamlessly accessible to viewers in the living room, alongside DVR content). The video is embedded above.

Revision3 to Premiere Interactive TV Reality Show, Starring YouTube Celebrity, Dan Brown

--Show Will Allow Viewers to Determine Brown's Everyday Decisions for a Year

News Round-Up (V): Rentrak-Turner, Revision3, Robyn's Interactive Video

--Rentrak Extends VOD Measurement Agreement with Turner Broadcasting
--Revision3 Launches iPhone App, User Profiles
--Robyn Releases Twitter-Powered 3D Interactive Video

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been on the road the past few weeks, we are covering recent news stories in summary/round-up form. We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers. We will resume our regular format and publishing schedule tomorrow (Tuesday).

Revision3 Says It Now Supports HTML5 for iPad Playback

Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming--said Monday that it now supports playback of its videos on the Apple iPad, thanks to its decision to embrace the HTML5 spec. "As many of you may be aware, the emergence of the new HTML5 spec allows for much richer video support natively within HTML," the company wrote on its corporate blog. "For the past few weeks we have been investigating and beginning our research and development into how we could utilize HTML5 for use on Revision3. At the same time, this little device that seems to be growing in popularity, the Apple iPad, was released.

News Round-Up (VI)

--Revision3 to Use Miso iPhone/iPod touch Social TV App to Drive Interest in its Shows
--Rovi Launches Cable Operator Version of its TotalGuide EPG
--Rovi Licenses Passport EPG and Applications to Two Latin American Cable Operators
--Shaw Taps Verivue to Power Expansion of its VOD Service

The [itvt] editorial team is currently on the road, so we are covering today's stories in round-up/summary form. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers.

News Round-Up: Broadband TV and OTT

--"Interactive Episodes" of "Doctor Who" Reviewed (Video)
--Hulu to Begin Testing Subscription-Based Service Next Month
--NCAA in 14-Year, $10.8 Billion "March Madness" Deal
--Revision3 Launches Interactive TV Cooking Show
--Roku Begins Offering NBA Game Time
--Vudu Offering "Avatar" with Extras, 28 Days before Netflix
--YouTube Quietly Expands its Movie Rental Line-Up

The [itvt] editorial team will be on the road this week and next, so we will be covering most stories in round-up/summary form, and we anticipate that there will be some additional interruptions of our regular news publishing schedule beyond that. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers. Here is a round-up of interactive TV-related news pertaining primarily to the broadband TV/OTT space:

Multiplatform/Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI)

--RCDb, Red Bee Media, Five, Revision3, Roku, Roundbox, Jacked, Rovi, FourthWall Media, Scripps Networks, SeaChange International, SeeSaw, Sezmi, Sonic Solutions, Strategy & Technology, Synacor, SysMedia

Since February 3rd, [itvt] Daily News has been on hiatus, while the [itvt] editorial team produced the TV of Tomorrow Show 2010--and then took a few days off to recover. This is the sixth of eight round-up articles, in which we are covering some of the more significant developments in the multiplatform/interactive TV space that took place during our hiatus:

Revision3 Says It Served 1.5 Billion Minutes of Video in 2009, and Increased Revenues 30%

Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming--announced Tuesday that viewership of shows on its service climbed to nearly 1.5 billion minutes for 2009 (it says its shows were viewed nearly 70 million times during the year) and that, despite the recessionary economy, its revenues grew 30%. The company also said that, on the ad sales side, it "increased its average deal by 50%" and added such major brands as Klondike, Ford, Adidas, Coors, Patron, Nokia and Panasonic to its brand advertising roster.

Over-the-Top-TV Specialist, AnySource Media, in Deal to Distribute VOD from 13 Niche Networks

--Recently Announced Deals with,, Revision3, Next New Networks

AnySource Media, a company that offers an over-the-top-TV platform, called Connected HDTV, which it says will be embedded in certain new HDTV sets later this year (note: the company has not yet announced any partnerships with TV manufacturers) and will allow viewers to access hundreds of "virtual" on-demand channels, announced Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with affiliate rights aggregator, PathFinder World Video, to distribute video-on-demand content from 13 of the latter's ethnic and niche networks on a free or subscription basis.

Clearleap in VOD Deals with Next New Networks, Revision3,

Clearleap, an Atlanta-based company which offers a platform that is designed to enable pay-TV operators to significantly expand their programming line-ups by offering Internet video programming over their existing non-IP set-top boxes (the company claims to have raised $12.3 million in funding and financing to date), announced Monday that it is partnering with broadband video content providers, Next New Networks, Revision3 and

Revision3 Syndicates Programming to Joost

--Launches Initiative to Identify New Talent and Programming
--Secures Advertising Deal with Michelob Brewing

[itvt] Radio: Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of
Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," sponsored by TiVo, Jim
, CEO of Revision3, provides an overview of his
company--which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web,"
and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming.

Topics discussed include funding, download numbers, revenues,
demographics, distribution strategy, content strategy, advertising

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