2012 CES Unveiled Press Event: Interactive Television Highlights

Demo of Dyle Mobile TV Services 2012 CES

I navigated the packed 2012 CES Unveiled press event Sunday where key CES vendors give the press a sneak peak of their product. Here are brief summaries along with pictures and video of those most relevant to the interactive television marketing industry.

Dyle Mobile TV: Mobile Content Venture (MCV, a joint venture that operates Dyle Mobile TV service) demoed two products that deliver live mobile television to smart phones (in this case from Metro PCS) and tablets (via Belkin device). Above is Erik Moreno, SVP Corporate Development - Fox Networks Group who is co-General Manager of MCV demoing both devices.

DISH Network: I spoke with Aaron Johnson at DISH Network to learn more about their just announced streaming video app for iPad which works outside the home too. He emphasized branding under Blockbuster name which also gives customers the ability to get DVDs by mail. Per their press kit: "DISH customers who subscribe to the Blockbuster @Home™ package or select premium movie packages, including HBO and Cinemax, can now watch popular movies, TV shows and kid's programming using the updated DISH Remote Access app on their iPad." Here's a screen shot of the app.

DISH Remote Access On Demand screen


Accenture: For you data geaks, Accenture just released its annual survey that this year details why consumers intend to buy fewer televisions and, no surprise to us, are migrating to other consumer electronic devices to consume content. The percentage of consumers worldwide watching broadcast or cable TV in a typical week fell from 71% in 2009 to 48% in 2011 but video viewership on alternate devices is soaring. Download the full study here.

3M touch System: OK, this is not (yet) directly related to interactive television strategy but it's cool and an example of the overall theme of more intuitive user interfaces. Check out this video I shot at CES Unveiled of 3M's super fast Touch System that can accommodate 20 simultaneous users!

Will Keller is the founder and president of WE Keller Group, a consulting firm that advises programmers, retailers and airlines on interactive television marketing strategy and execution. Follow Will on Twitter or learn more about his business here.