3D TV - Is It Ready for Prime Time?

BSkyB Launching 3DTV for Subs

BSkyB will launch Europe's first 3D TV channel programming in the UK in 2010. The 9 million subscriber British MSO made the announcement during its second quarter financial report on Thursday, July 30, 2009.  The 3D channel will offer 3D movies, entertainment and sports.  However, to watch 3D programs customers will also need the latest "3D ready" TV set and special glasses (Oh No!).

EU Funding for Advanced 3D TV: The European Commission ICT program is part of a € 9.1 billion fund from EU member countries. One current project, 3D4YOU, will develop the key elements of a practical 3D television system;  the definition of a 3D delivery format and guidelines for the 3D content creation process. The project will also create 3D capture techniques, convert captured content for broadcasting and 3D coding for delivery.  The target completion date is July, 2010.

Philips 3D TV Progress: A variety of TV manufacturers are working on 3D TV solutions but most require either shutter or red/blue glasses.  Philips has been working on 3D TV displays and content creation which do not require special glasses for a number of years.  The WOWvx 3D TV screen is flat and looks like an ordinary HD LCD TV.  But the screen is really 3D and can be watched from a 120 degree angle in nearly the same quality as HD TV in 2 dimensions. (sample video).  Digital signage and commercial users may provide the initial market which will drive R&D and showcase the 3D potential to consumers.

YouTube 3D Content: For any new consumer product to make it in the marketplace today, it must be embraced by key influencers on the Net.  And YouTube offers real time insight into what’s hot and what’s not.  A search for 3D offerings reveals several ‘how to’ videos on making 3D movies to share on YouTube.  If it does really go viral, you might want to invest in companies making red and blue cellophane.

Keep pushing forward

Jeff Vinson