5 Levels of Engagement on Social Media

Katie Paine, CEO of KDPaine & Partners talks about the new wave of what companies look for when selecting where to advertise and classifies “consumers” into 5 levels of engagement based on how the individual interacts on social media:

Searchers- People who just scan online resources to find information. They aren’t users of social media.

Lurkers- People who are passive in the social media world; they watch, but never participate.

Casuals- People who will become lightly involved in conversation on social media.

Actives- People who are active in social media conversation and interact with others through a varied forums.

Defenders- People who, not only engage in social media conversation, but put their input into what they are saying. These people are the most valuable to advertisers as, the Defenders who like a product, will promote a product through online conversation.

Where do you fit in?

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