Allan Thygesen Says: 90's ITV Wink Patent Approved...Finally!

Allan Thygesen reported December 22nd that the patent he wrote while at Wink for analog interactive TV was finally approved at the US Trademark and Patent office December 15th! It was filed June 15, 1999. Here are some comments in the screenshot on his Facebook page.  Patent lawyers are certainly thorough.... We hope to hear more on the topic so watch this space. -- Tracy Swedlow

LATEST UPDATE:  Allan Thygesen wrote in...

"We did indeed just receive notification that one of our core patents was finally awarded 10 years later. It pertains to the automated synchronization of broadcast content (programming, ads and promos) and associated interactive applications through integration with playlist and ad insertion systems. I was actually one of the co-authors."  

Thanks, Allan, and congratulations!


All the co-writers are:

Gebhardt; Bryan C. (Oakland, CA)
Patel; Kalpesh R. (San Jose, CA)
Thygesen; Allan C. (Menlo Park, CA)
Berriatua; Steve (San Bruno, CA)
Michel; Christopher J. (Burbank, CA)