Amazing Trailer for "The Shining" Done Completely Differently


This trailer by Robert Ryan - above - for the masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick, "The Shining," blows me away. I can't believe it was uploaded in 2006 and it already has 4 million plus views. Makes you feel that longtail content stretches into infinity. It's absolutely brilliant and it completely hides the nature of the film creating the expectation that it will be a family-friendly essay on a relationship between a stressed out father and a child looking for more attention from his father and that it will all turn out well somehow as we all discover what is important about life during the course of the movie. Well, it doesn't turn out well, but this trailer is its own masterpiece! I love the short image of Jack Nickelson getting frustrated in the hallway shaking down his arms, which is the only indication of what is to come. A small hint, but impactful. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]