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2014 is the Year of Smart TV’s

CEO and Founder of Furious-Minds, Ashley J. Swartz discusses how a 55% increase in Smart TV shipments in 2013, is shaping 2014 to be the year for Smart TV's.Not only does she believe so, but sentiment around Charter's latest attempt to buy TWC suggests that the cable industry is betting more and more on the strategic importance of the internet in the living room.

Legacy TV Leaders Not Incentivized To Change

The legacy leaders in television have made it clear they are not incentivized to change their business models according to Ashley J. Swartz , CEO & Founder of Furious-Minds. Even as audiences continue to voice their desire for a la carte options, industry leaders still act surprised by these demands, point in case Charter’s CEO response to his customers increasing demand for broadband only service. “This is not an industry of limitless price elasticity and...

Social Drafting Off TV Dollars

"Is there a giant discovery taking place in Social TV?" asks Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious-Minds. Watch as Swartz explains how emerging media channels like social, are trying to find a viable revenue stream in advertising and resorting to "drafting" off of a larger established media like TV.

CEO & Founder of Furious-Minds, Key Takeaways from the 2013 TVOT Show

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious-Minds , recently attended the TV of Tomorrow Show where innovation and the future of television were at the forefront of conversations. Her takeaway: The industry is still struggling to find revenue, despite increases in capital allocation and audiences’ growing appetite to engage with TV.

Set-top Box Over Kill

Following Amazons strong Q1 earnings, sources close to the e commerce giant have confirmed their development of a set-top box, which is set to release next year. Amazon’s progression into audience’s living rooms, following the introduction of their 14 original pilots and highly anticipated smartphone, means their keen to capitalize on audience’s changing behavior. Tweet this: Ashley Swartz asks, “aren’t we already suffering enough from set-top box fatigue?” Swartz believes the market is saturated with...

What do 2013’s Upfronts mean for the 2nd screen, OTT and Social TV?

At last year’s Upfronts, the big five networks saw an increase in spend of 2%, up from $8.8 billion to 9.3 billion, while cable networks where the ringers, seeing a 5% increase year over year. Yet, the drop in TV ratings, across all major networks, left programmers in a tight bind following the 2011/2012 Upfronts. Programmers must make good on their underdelivery of audiences, says Ashley Swartz, by getting creative with less ad dollars and...

Help Give Staten Island, Queens & Brooklyn Hurricane Victims Thanksgiving

Dear TVOT friends, I need your help. While displaced with my family in Central PA last week during the Hurricane, I watched the wrath and destruction that Sandy brought upon the amazing city I call home. I decided that I wanted to take Thankgiving to the familes whose lives and homes were destroyed at a time when they would need it the most. Check out my story in the video. We need volunteers on Thanksgiving...

iTV: Connected, Social and On Demand

Last week, I sat in my living room, chatted on Skype and caught up on the news via my AP ticker, all on my Samsung TV, using my iPad as my remote control. I then spent the evening catching up on missed TV episodes on my Apple TV and searching YouTube for the week’s most watched videos. This is the TV of tomorrow: connected, social and on demand.
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