The battle of winning the war on the Nordic VOD market

The battle on the VOD market in Scandinavia is expanding like never before, and, over the last couple of months, it has taken a rapid growth, where old and new players on the VOD market are facing the challenge of their life, the challenge of finding the perfect business model and staying alive… How can they overcome this challenge? Who can capture the heart and money of the Nordic consumers?

Scandinavian consumers have been faster than the rest of Europe in adopting online media alternatives, additionally it hasalways been a first mover when it comes to technology and consumers quickly adapting to and demanding innovation and new technologies. Scandinavia is known for being a rich, educated and a highly digitally savvy populace, and is therefore also an attractive territory for companies like Netflix and HBO, two of the biggest players in the global market, who just announced their entrance on the Nordic market, giving competition to the huge number of local alternatives.

But have global players like Netflix and HBO forgotten just how digitally savvy the Scandinavian market is? How crowded it is with VOD services? Not to mention, that they have to obtain under the same rules as the local players when it comes to content rights? Do the local VOD suppliers have a plan to win the war against the global players?

Just a few of the questions the annual conference, Nordic Media Summit, is raising. With speakers from some of the main players within the Scandinavian VOD market, HBO Nordic, ViaPlay, Canal Digital Go, Voddler, Altibox Chill, Warner Bros and several others- the conference will address all the questions and concerns raised in the industry.

We are on the brick of war- the war on the VOD market Scandinavia, who will win and stay in business and who will have to give up and lose?

Sign up today and Join us for the Nordic Media Summit 2012 where we dive further in to the presence and future of the online video business in Scandinavia.

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