BITE OF SUPER SEARCH ME!: Recommendations Evolve

Session 6: From Recommendations to Discovery

Recommendations are a time-tested, familiar way of spurring consumption.

Amazon recognized the power of recommendation early on with its ‘People who bought x also bought y” suggestions. But we can no longer live by recommendations alone. The full entertainment discovery experience is evolving to include search and browse.

This multi-pronged approach allows for a comprehensive experience that reflects the natural way than people think, feel and communicate about entertainment.

The robustness of the feature set also allows a single unified solution to adapt to different user scenarios. On the couch, many of us prefer a lean-back, passive experience. On a mobile device or PC we may be more likely to want to actively engage by search and browse.

To meet the demands of the next-generations of entertainment consumers, recommendation engines must evolve to offer a full, natural discovery experience.


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