Bite of Super Search Me!: What's Wrong with User Profiles?

Session 1: What's Wrong with User Profiles?

User profiles are ubiquitously used as a basis for making personalized recommendations to users. The idea is right on - dynamically generate an endless feed of content that has been hand-picked for the user. This way she will always have an endless flow of great content she will enjoy.

Sound good, right?

The problem is in the application. 

Most providers only offer one, generalized 'bucket list' of recommendations for each household or account. But finding something you really want to watch from this 'bucket' is like digging through the bargain basket at the post Christmas sales. Some people enjoy the challenge, but at the end of a long day, when we finally get a chance to sit down in front of the TV, most of us just want to sit back and enjoy watching some wonderful entertainment, without having to hunt for it.

So why do providers force users to dig through this generic 'bucket' of recommendations? Isn't there a better way to recommend content that accurately fits the tastes and moods of every household members?

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