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Why Does CES Matter? You have to be there.

#CES2016 . Come January 6, 2016 over 170 thousand people from all over the world will make the annual pilgrimage to CES. Last year’s attendance was record setting and for the first time spanning two locations, Tech East and Tech West CES, “The Global Stage for Innovation” was transformed from a trade show into a not to be missed OBLIGATORY experience for anyone in media, technology or entertainment. From the big exhibitors to the sparkling...

#VR: The Gold VRush. Impending Bubble?

The buzz is so loud you long to get inside a VR head mounted display just to escape. VR is a hyper-accelerated market. It seems not a day passes without a significant announcement. If you think being inside a VR experience can be dizzying, try tracking the developments on behalf of clients who are clamoring to create VR experiences and immersive narrative. Welcome to the Wild West.